This isn’t going to be a post on some erectile dysfunction drug. Instead it’s going to be be about what it takes to harden up and go into I don’t give a shit mode with hookers.

She Is Manipulating You

Let’s get one thing really clear from the start, she’s a hooker. Her job is to extract maximum profit from you. That means she will do whatever it takes to get that money from you.

The jealousy bullshit? That’s right, it’s bullshit. She’s not pissed you are fucking some other girl. No, she is pissed you aren’t paying her to play with your dick. That is a loss of revenue and it means someone else is getting the money she feels she deserves. They love to manipulate guys with the guilt trip.

The same with goes for the tears and crying and excessive drama. It’s all designed to basically pull on your emotions to get you to cough up cash and keep spending on her. I’m sure some of it’s real but you be amazed how fast the drama and tears end when you throw money at the problem.

Learn Early Or Learn Later

All mongers need to learn how to harden up as quickly as possible. We all have been fucked over at some point in our mongering life. It happens to the best of us. What you need to do it learn from it and don’t repeat the same mistake repeatedly.

I have seen mongers in all sorts of countries do the same dumb shit over and over. They fall for “their girl” and happily spend money on her. When they aren’t around she’s sucking and fucking every cock she can get ahold of for money. Guy comes back and learn that “their girl” has been doing this and lose their shit. They maybe harden up for that trip and then back to it with a new girl or my favorite, reconcile with the previous.

I do often wonder if they are this stupid in their non-monger lives. It’s like, you are being manipulated by prostitute. Sure, she’s nubile and sexy but it’s pussy for fucksakes and no, your’s isn’t different because I fucked her or know someone that has!

Guys need to learn to stop making the same mistake over and over which basically falls into looking for love in all the wrong places – meaning a whore house.

It Takes A Hard Heart

Mongering isn’t for the soft. You need a hard heart to survive and do this for any length of time. If you like the girl, do yourself and favor and don’t fuck her. It’s easier to stay friends than someone you fuck. For some reason guys lose their shit and fall in love. Think they are worse than women.

I have written it and said it thousands of time. It’s always about the money. Nothing more and nothing less.

Anyone who mongers needs to basically needs to shut down their heart if you will (actually hormones) and just recognize she’s doing her job and nothing more. Stop falling in love, stop supporting her or spending lavishly on her. It’s only going to lead down a road of self destruction and the only winner is her at the end of it. You will be a jumbled ball of useless emotions wondering what the hell went wrong other than falling for a hooker!

So Harden Up

You want to monger and enjoy yourself. Recognize what is happening. Realize it’s nothing but hormones and approach it from an intellectual standpoint not from an emotional one. You are paying to fuck. Do so. Don’t think you are going to find love or anything else. If you do then you get what you deserve.

Successful mongers are those that know and understand that it requires you to be somewhat detached and uncaring. It’s all apart of the lifestyle. If you can’t, maybe take up golf or something. You can piss away equally vast amounts of money and show little for your investment. Exactly the same as a relationship with a hooker.