For those of you not in the know the 26th is Australia Day! From authentic Australian’s I know it’s like Thanksgiving in America. For the more liberal minded, it’s also called Invasion Day.

Why Do I Care

Seeing how I am an American, I generally know only major international holidays. This is mainly due to the fact that most local holidays are country specific. If I had to remember every Buddhist holiday here in Thailand I’d be fucked!

No, the reason I know is that you fine Australian readers, I have had to make more god damn party flyers about Australia Day than I care to admit to! While this is good for the hooker and beer fund, it’s shit on my ass from sitting in front of a computer for a few hours banging the damn things out.

Other than that, I have parties to attend this evening Thailand time celebrating the momentus Australia Day! Happily, I have been off the piss and healthy so I’m ready for a fine night out.

Australians Are Cunts

If you are Australian you know you are a cunt and smiling. The rest of you are going what the hell you are going on about.

To Australian’s cunt is usually a term of endearment. Being around a bunch of Australians and being called cunt means you are accepted. Most Aussie’s are easy going and enjoy a good laugh and are a lot of fun to be around.

I have had more good times in Thailand with Aussies than I care to admit. The last bad time I was with an Aussie was drinking till 8AM then realizing I had to get tattoos done in 3 hours and going oh shit, this is going to hurt!

Of course, the Aussie in question kept wanting me to keep drinking and just go in and get them done. In retrospect should have but hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

So Happy Australia Day

Without further ado I wish all my Australian brethren out there a Happy Australia Day you cunts! Plus I got shit to do and the piss won’t drink itself tonight so I will be one it! Have a great day, enjoy the bbq, heard it’s hot as hell down there so stay cool by sinking a few beers!