Guess who’s back, back again
Shady’s back, tell a friend
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back?
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back?
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back?
Guess who’s back?

Clearly I ripped off Emimen. But I am back.

Greetings From America

I write to you from the cozy confines or as I like to look at it as the insane asylum known at Mama’s Spanky’s House. Nothing says fun like cleaning up vomit and other bodily fluids from a woman that believes she knows more than the entire medical community.

Trust me – it gets old fucking quick.

I would tell you I am having a fantastic time but beyond the first 2 days I arrived after my 1 bus ride, 4 airport, 3 flights, 28 hour marathon of travel I have been non-stop since I have arrived here.

I planned on writing on the 1st but clearly that didn’t happen because oh yeah, I had shit to do. Still, enough about me bitching.

So Why Did I Disappear

First off all I needed a break. My writing schedule had become erratic. I knew it and I just didn’t care. I could not even be bothered to login to the forums which meant the first hour I was logged into the site I had to spend quality time removing all the spammers.

Back to me disappearing. As I said I needed a break. Some of this was I was bored of writing about where I stuck my weenie. It got redundant.

When you also factor in the fact I got bored of Pattaya at some point. I tend to do the same places. This isn’t a fear of branching out. It’s just the fact you been to one Pattaya bar you kinda have been to them all. Now I am more into visiting places I am comfy and doing what I want to do.

After living in Pattaya for 18 months I have kinda done all there is to do. Trust me, it doesn’t matter whose mouth you got your dick buried in or which vagina you creampied that day, it gets old. Most of us who live there will tell you the same thing. One or two nights a week out is about all you can tolerate before you just start to lose patience with all the crap.

So Am I Returning

The short answer is yes. I am stuck here in America and to keep my sanity I am going to have to write. I have been here since the 23rd and already feeling trapped. I need an outlet for me.

The funny thing was I was bored with Pattaya when I was there and now I am desperate to get my ass back as soon as possible. You don’t realize how you become so dependent on the easy sexy and cheap beer even for a few nights a week. I realize now why you guys who don’t live there are always scheming to get back. I was that way but I didn’t appreciate it until I lived there and then came back.

So look forward to the normal Monday-Friday writing schedule. There may be some delays as I deal with patient zero and her 8000 medical appointments, home health appointments, along with acting as her driver as she is unable to drive. It’s just like Driving Miss Daisy just with a more cranky and bitchy person who sits nexts to you.

So I Am Back

So I am back! Thanks for everyone who checked on me. For the final 10 days I was in Thailand I had a wicked chest cold and had to focus on getting well so I kinda ignored everything. On top of this getting Xmas shopping done and making sure my utilities got paid by someone.

I am technically alive and well but would be happy to not be here at the moment but this had given me reason to write again!