I am back. Nothing like a chunk of road in your eye to prevent you from doing anything other than wiping tears out of your eyes. Anyways, I’m going to America!

The Road

To address the eye situation, I was coming back to my condo pretty smashed on the back of a motorbike taxi which is why I likely didn’t feel anything at the time. Woke up the next morning with my left eye gummed up and in a lot of pain. I thought I had pink eye, which isn’t that uncommon here due to communal hand towels.

I dragged my ass to the clinic, not because I had to but to confirm. Nope, no have pink eye. Have something in eye. Irritate it. Yay!

Doctor got some saline drops or some shit and sure enough a big chunk of black road shit comes out of my eye. It was stuck between my top lid and my eyeball. Everytime I blinked was new agony.

I was given antibiotics to prevent any infection and told to take ibuprofen to ease the swelling. However, until Friday my eye leaked happily all over my face and doing anything more than stare at the TV caused it to hurt.

Thankfully that shit is over.

America Bound

You read that right, I am going back to America.

Mama Spanky is getting her shoulder replaced and since I have fuck all else to do I said I could come back and help her with rehab since she will be gimped for around a month. So I will be leaving the Land Of Smiles and will be in the US for 6 weeks. Not sure how I will feel being surrounded by so many white, English speaking people. I have a weeks to come to grips with this as I leave out on December 22nd.

When I arrive it will be nearly 18 months since I have been in America. I am not sure how I will react to be honest. I have become accustomed to Thailand. Plus I expect to be anal probed by customs and border patrol. Can’t wait!

There Is An Upside

To be totally honest there is an upside to all this. I get to buy shit I can’t get here or that is stupid expensive because it’s been imported in. So my happy ass is going to bring the bare minimum in clothes and happily full my suitcase full of useless shit that I have been wanting for some time.

As is tradition for expats, if you make a trip to the homeland you have to mule shit in for others. So I have a list of shit to get as well.

So while not thrilled about going to America, least I know I will be coming back loading with goodies.