I did something I rarely do these days and pulled a girl out of a gogo. Last time I attempted this it led to me passing out drunk and her watching TV for 2 hours. This time was a bit different.

Nom O’Clock

I hadn’t been on a gogo run this trip so I figured what the hell. I spent the day in my room lazing about. When I finally roused myself to venture forth around 8 that evening I figured why not go look at some naked tits and pussy.

Last trip I called it Nom O’Clock since nom is the Thai word for tit. So after some food it was Nom O’Clock.

One And Mostly Done

Once I had some coating in my stomach it was time to head to the nearest gogo. I started in the LK Metro area. The nearest gogo was Oasis so I headed in there and ordered a beer.

There was some guy very excited making an ass out himself as he danced around with the girls. All the music was “his type of music” meaning whatever was played it was “his jam” as he empathically gyrated and chased girls around.

I will watch this out of personal amusement but I do find it boorish. It paid off that I didn’t leave.

Short Drink Of Water

During the personal Pattaya Has Talent exhibition I was witnessing I was watching naked tits on stage. It was at this point that this tiny little thing, and I mean tiny little thing comes over and barely peeks her head over the gogo table.

The typical hi how are you came out of her mouth. To which I was fine. My response clearly indicated I wanted company so she comes onto my side of the table and introduces herself. ‘I am Nam. What your name?’, to which I replied and she goes ‘My name mean water’.

Which I already knew but I let her have that moment in time. If you don’t know nam in Thai you got issues because you drink a shit ton of it over here.

I Drank The Water

When I started to really look at Nam I was like holy shit you are perfect. If the girl weighed 30 kilos I will be shocked. She was tiny about, about 1.2 meters or 4 ft. Her body was magnificent. She had tiny tits but honestly my leg was bigger than her entire body.

It will be at this point I should disclose I had taken half a kamagra tablet so this may have impacted my decision making skills.

Once I started to play with her body and she was gently fondling  me I just went fuck this. My dick is hard and I can get a boom boom in and be on my merry way for the night.

Bar Fine Please

I don’t like taking girls long time mainly because they get annoying after I finish banging them. So I paid the barfine of 500 Baht and we agreed to 1500 Baht for her short time. She went off changed and I patiently waited.

Once done we exited and jumped a Baht Bus to Monger Travels HQ – Pattaya and proceeded to do what two consenting adults do. I won’t go into details.

I will say the girl being so damn small was tight but unlike Nok who caused me and her pain this girl had been fucking and I may have went down on her to ensure that she was wet for the occasion.

Kamagra definitely helped with extending the session because it makes it harder to finish else I would have popped in about 3 seconds. She was that tight.


Once we cleaned up and paid up we both exited the room a caught a Baht Bus back. She jumped off at her bar and I continued on to Walking Street where I continued the gogo tour. I finally ended at 6 AM after meeting up with Noddy but that’s a whole other tale.