There is a sucker born every minute. The words first uttered are mine is different. Then the next words are I’m giving it a shot.

For Fucksakes

Why do mongers do this shit? What is it in some mongers DNA or mental synapsis that makes them think that some whore they paid to fuck is relationship material?

Is there some sort of chemical that slams into a mongers braining turning them into complete fucking idiots?

No one in their right fucking mind sits there and meets a working prostitute and thinks it’s love. Then wants to send a girl in a third world a significant amount of money.

You Aren’t Different

Let me clarify something to every moron that thinks that by finding love with a third world prostitute. She’s not different and neither are you.

The reality is you are just another sucker to be taken in. She likely has done this before and if she hasn’t her sisters and sin are going to coach her through it. They are going to try and maximize their revenue from your dumbass.

Thing is these girls are sharks and know prey when they see it. They will use everything in their power to extract the maximum from your bank account.

You are just another sucker to be taken in. Nothing more and nothing less.

Money Doesn’t Buy Love

Money can buy a lot of things. Love from a third world prostitute isn’t one of them.

I have written before and I will likely write again. Being an emotionally crippled monger and not being aware of it is just a recipe for a broken heart and emptied bank account. Mongering is for the self-aware and self-assured gentleman that goes into any dealings with eyes wide open and a skeptical attitude.

Thinking that your girl is different and wanting to give it a shot is just a suckers bet.

Giving It A Shot

My advice for any guy thinking about giving it a shot is don’t. Unless your ass is living in country and you can have a normal relationship.

Guys need to stop giving it a shop and wake the fuck up. Even if the girls have a modicum of feelings for you, without you there every day you are just a resource to be utilized and nothing more.

Stop pissing your money away on some prostitute you think you love. You aren’t giving it a shot. Instead you are just emptying your account.