So you are going your favorite mongering destination.  You pack the necessities and then you need to pack the “gifts”  for your lady companions.  What to bring is always the question in these scenarios.  I have known guys to bring lotions, perfume, underwear, candies, toys for kids you fucking name it and they bring it.  Now before some of you millions 200 or so readers start to rip me apart for bringing shit to a certain lady in Costa Rica, I was repaid in cash (ED:Most of the time).

I used to bring shit with me on trips like Mardi Gras beads and other trinkets to give away.  It was after a few trips that I realized I was spending cash that could be better spent on beer cultural activities.  Plus lugging that shit around in my luggage started to really suck after a bit.  I ended up having to check bags versus carrying on or checking a smaller bag versus my giant ass work travel monstrosity.  After a while my philosophy shifted and I started to realize I bring the best gift of all to the ladies from around the world, cold hard cash and my charming personality.  The most I bring now is a bag of higher end chocolate that I gift to the staff at the hotel I stay at.

If you are a guy that enjoys bringing gifts then I’m not going to stop you but I’m going to give you something to think about.  You aren’t the only one doing it.  You aren’t unique and as much as the girls may squeal with delight its about a 5 minute thing and then forgotten.  Most working girls have the attention span of a two year old unless its something they are truly interested in like cartoons or soap operas but that’s another post.

So do yourself a favor and just save the cash you would spend on the gifts and trinkets and buy them a drink, give them some taxi money, or just a straight up tip for good service.  In the end you will spend less, have less to pack and the girls will equally love you.