Let’s take a step back from mongering and point out something. Getting old sucks. It seems with every year I put on my body there are new issues to contend with.

Carpal Tunnel

I have carpal tunnel. Usually I control this with a variety of aids around me. Wrist supports and so on. Still, from time-to-time it goes into batshit crazy painful.

Working with computers like I do means that when my carpal tunnel flares it makes doing anything painful. As I type this out my right hand is tingling like it went to sleep. My wrist is throbbing down to my elbow.

Can I get it fixed? Fuck no. Surgery is useless and unless you take up a job where you don’t do fuck all with your hands it will reoccur.

When I was younger I could shrug this it off. Now that I’m getting old I just want to ice my wrist down and find some good painkillers.

Night Piss

Used to be a time when I could have a glass of water after 10 PM and not worry much about it. Now? I gotta think do I really want to get up in the middle of the night and take a piss?

When the hell did my bladder become so small? Maybe thought I had a prostate issue. Nope. Good to go there. No, with old age comes an inability to sleep through the night if you drink something too late.

I now have to plan my hydration around my bedtime. Do I risk a night piss or do I just go to bed slightly thirsty? I can tell you that slightly thirst wins most nights.


I never knew I hated the cold as much as I did until my arthritis started to hit. You would think at 43 I should not have it but that’s not true. Modern man has fucked up evolution because we live longer and do more shit to our bodies now than ever before.

Mock all you want about a trick knee for when it’s raining. Talking to me when it’s raining and cold and my knee is screaming. I have come to despise the cold because it makes arthritis worse.

I really believe I am moving to Thailand just to get away from the cold. I now know why old people go to warm places to retire. Fuck the cold. Least your arthritis doesn’t flare up every time the temperature drops and the rain comes.

Getting Old Sucks

The above is just a hint of what age does to you.┬áThere is a whole list of shit I didn’t hit on. Taking longer to heal. Slower to move. More forgetful. Grey hair!

I think the caveman had the advantage. Live hard and die early. Least you didn’t have to deal with this aging shit.