I was originally going to write about the gentleman’s clubs down here in Jomtien considering I live close several but I think it would be more beneficial to explain exactly what they are.

What Are They

Most guys come to Pattaya knowing basically Soi 6, Walking St, and Soi LK. Reality is there is a lot more to Pattaya than those areas. Sure, you will have a good time in those places and I know I did for several years. However, they are rather tame compared to what can happen at a gentleman’s club.

First, they aren’t private clubs. There is no fee to get in other than don’t being a douche and buying a drink. All gentleman’s clubs have a bar and you generally sit around the bar and order your drink. The difference between a gogo, beer bar, or Soi 6 bar is that the bars are closed in. I know you may be thinking that gogos are closed it and that is true. However, these are closed in for a reason.

The bar is darkened with the light being dim on purpose. No, not to hide the staff which in some cases is a good thing, more to hide what is going on around the bar.

What Happens

Most of the gentleman’s clubs work off a rotation system with staff. Those staff sit around waiting for customers and they base it on who comes in first. Not much different than a Soi 6 bar. If you don’t like the looks of one then punt her and get one you like.

Once you have someone you are interested in it’s considered polite to buy her a drink. This is when things can get very hands-on at a gentleman’s club. Some clubs have the policy that if you buy them a drink the clothes come off. Others you have to ask. Some make it painfully clear what is going to happen should you and the girl strike up a deal. Let’s just say little is left to the imagination.

The girl will immediately regardless of gentleman’s club start to work on your Little Monger. There isn’t any shyness going on here. Most are freelancers and make commission off drinks and services provided. So it’s in their interest to get you to buy what they are selling.

Once a deal has been struck you still need to pay the bar fine regardless. The bars opinion is she’s not hustling drinks so therefore they lose revenue. Most are 300 Baht no different than anywhere else. There are now several choices of what could happen next.

The really, out there bars will have you doing your deed right there at the bar. If you are shy or don’t like looking at other guys cocks you might want to avoid these venues. Other bars have private booths that you go to. The girl will pull the curtain and she will start to strip naked with you opting to either go full nude yourself or just take your shorts off. The other option is you go to a private room and do your thing.

Regardless of where you do your business, everything is on the table. The fee is usually 1000 Baht and if the girl can take you for more she will.

One word of warning for everyone showering generally doesn’t happen in a gentleman’s club. You usually get the wet towel treatment and the girl will wipe your dick off. If you aren’t expecting it that cold ass towel that comes out of the fridge can be a bit shocking on your junk. So keep it in mind.

When You Are Done

When you give the mission accomplished signal things move along quickly. The girl will let you catch your breath then start cleaning you up. She will take out another cold wipe and go to town on your Little Monger. If you do opt for a private room a shower is available sometimes. Once she has you cleaned up she will quickly get dressed and leave to clean up herself. This is when you get dressed.

Once she is back if you aren’t finished dressing they will usually help you put your shit back on and make sure you got everything out of the room. This is also the moment she expects to get paid. I usually pay 1000 Baht and call it a day. Generally, you can take the barfine out of this but it’s up to you what you do. Your money have at it.

From there she will escort you back to the bar. If you are a nut and go guy no problems, pay your bin and leave. If you aren’t it’s considered polite to buy her a drink then cut her loose.

Always Worth A Visit

I linked at the top of the page to a list of gentleman’s clubs in the Pattaya area. They, like all bars open and close so always check around before going. They tend to be out of the way and not on the usual paths.

Most of them aren’t late night places, most are daytime focusing around afternoon and early evening fun. They aren’t competing with the usual bars. I highly recommend visiting a gentleman’s club on your next trip. Broaden your horizons and have a little fun.