There is something to be said for knowing a girl for so long that you can no longer fuck her. The dreaded friend zone.

We Fucked Once

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away we fucked. It was good, I enjoyed it and would repeat it often. Now? Not so much.

Somewhere along the years we switched from fuck buddies to friends and now I’m in a no go area. Which kinda sucks because I would genuinely like to stick Little Spanky back into her body. There is no lack of communication on my part that this is the direction I want it to go but I get denied and told friend or brother now.

It’s not like she isn’t working, hell she used to bring customers to the bar and we all have a chat and talk about how long we knew her and so on. Now I see her when I go her way and generally get spotted on the soi or via Facebook.

Just like some normal person.

That’s What Friends Are For

So now my role in her life is a walking good time, someone to cry on, or someone for her to mother. Mostly a good time, if I am out bar hopping. She likes to go out with me and to be fair, drink for free but she drinks cheap stuff so not a big deal. She has gotten customers with me before and I don’t give a shit, her life not mine. Problem is when I am like, I really would like to fuck, I get shut down.

It’s like, seriously, we fucked once why can’t we do this again? You aren’t on your period so please, can I stick my dick into you? The dreaded we are friends.

Last night I got told off for not telling her something. I was like it wasn’t a huge deal. You could not have helped so why bother? She was like we are friends! Friends tell each other everything.

I almost took that bait and rain with it but I was like, not going there. I would go really? Want me to ask about all the shit you don’t tell me but I know because it gets back channeled? I wisely backed off and just went ok, and moved on.

In The Zone

Now I’m firmly in the friend zone. Not like there aren’t thousands of other girls I can stick my dick into but I do miss fucking her. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s nice to have someone you can hang out with and do fun shit with and then fuck afterwards without having to deal with the usual bullshit of typical bargirls. Who knows.

For now, I’m stuck in the friend zone. Meaning no sex any time in the near future. Kinda sucks, because life goes on. Guess I need to go make some new friends….