I just realized I forgot to do something today. Guess what that is?

Disaster Zone

I took the day off to deal with my room. You would think its tough to fuck up 24sqm but I did. I did in epic proportions.

I spent all day just cleaning up the place. Sweeping floors, binning the 8000 water bottles, and in general making it not look like a disaster zone.

My usual strategy was to have a girl do it but with my schedule that’s rare. Also, they tend to focus on the bathroom and not the room in general.

So it was left to me to get the shit show sorted.

Which Leads Me To This

After the epic clean and some furniture rearranging I completely forgot about a post for the day.

All apologies for that but if you saw the state of that room you would understand.

On the upside my work area is now sorted and all is done. I am going to hire a maid from now on so shit doesn’t get that bad again.

Return Tomorrow

I’ll do a monger pic tomorrow in exchange for this post and then back on schedule for Monday.

High season is here so be prepared for some entertaining tales of the retarded.