Flashback-V3We all have those moments, when you see, hear, or smell something that triggers the flashback. That memory that is so vivid that it seems real. Where memory and reality intersect and you are no longer there in that moment, but back to where the event happened. The flashback.

The sound of salsa triggers it. I’m no longer sitting in my car waiting for a light. I’m in the Key Largo in San Jose Costa Rica. The band is playing some salsa number, I have no idea what the words are. They might as well be an alien language. The Spanish being delivered to rapidly for me to understand and to be honest, I’m distracted by other things. Watching the dancers on the floors. The girls, looking for dates but also a good time. Gyrating to the beat, the drums giving a rhythm that causes the hips to move in a sensual motion, the swaying that promises more than just dancing later. The thumping bass delivering the low rhythms that cause your heart to beat erratically. Providing the counter-point to the drums, giving you the sensuality that the drums just imply. The gyrating bodies, dancing close holding each other, mirror the dance that will be played out in private rooms in the course of later hours of the night.

The moment is over and the horn triggers my return to reality. The salsa music fading as the car moves away in the swarm of traffic.

The smile of a beautiful Thai passing in the lobby. Her laugh at something the person with her is telling here. The flashback triggers. I’m not in a cold and impersonal building. I’m in a nameless gogo on Walking St. A beautiful Thai girl walks in with just jeans and a blouse on. Walks up to me, grabs me and sits on my lap and immediately sticks her tongue down my throat. My friend anxiously tapping me on my shoulder trying to tell me something he deems important. My hands are roaming all over her. Just feeling what her body with the promises of what is to come. My hand makes it down her jeans and she is soaking wet. Whatever my friend is telling me is now forgotten. We quickly leave, staggering down Walking St heading towards the Baht Bus. I just pay taxi fare and give him my soi. The girl hasn’t left me, constantly up against me. We climb into the back of the Baht Bus and take off Second Rd. We start again laying on the bench of the back pickup truck. Headlights from passing bikes illuminate us. We are both have our pants undone. Each groping for the other. We start having sex right then and there in the back of the Baht Bus. Passing vehicles cast our shadows on the side, stretching us thin lose all sense of time and place. All too soon we arrive at the hotel but it doesn’t stop. Not bothering with the front desk, we continue in the elevator. She walks me to the room holding my dick. I desperately search for my key and we fall into the room.

It’s over as I am engaged in conversation. The beautiful Thai girl is gone. My flashback finished. A pleasant diversion in an otherwise dull day.

Walking the street, walking to what is considered a Mexican restaurant on the East Coast of America. The smell of tacos. The memories kick in of Taco in The Zona in Tijuana. The smell of the carne cooking, the smoke coming off taco carts. Like the smoke off an opium smoker. It beckons you and entices you. The lure of $1 tacos is too much and it just a gateway for pleasures to come. You order $1 to help soak up the beer and fortify you for the pleasures of the fest. The carne asada with todo; cilantro, guacamole, onions, and that tortilla that lets you know that this isn’t some gringo-friendly “authentic” Mexican experience. This is the real thing. While you sit at the cart you eye the street girls lining the wall behind you. The thump of music from the clubs, the sound of Nortena music playing at 11. The maseros attempting to lure you in as you eat your taco. Offering beautiful ladies and other delights only if you walk in for one drink.

The moment is over. The flashback faded into the distance as I walk by and the air clears of the smell.

Each flashback just brings back memories of different and places and times. Each experience a little bit of me and the life I have led, the adventures I have had. Each just a little reminder that more memories and new adventures await my future.