One of the hardest things you will have to learn how to do when you decide to enter the monger lifestyle is how to deal with negotiating with women for sexual services. My advice is firm but polite. What you say?

The first thing you need to get over when you start mongering is the fact you are paying for sex. There are no feelings involved. You want to bust a nut and she wants to get paid. There is no romance. There is no connection. There is no dinner date. Its straight up cash for sex. Nothing more and nothing less.

You need to list out what you want and how you want it done. This is the polite part about it. You can do some banter and flirting but don’t be a lurid asshole. While she’s heard it all before being polite gets you some brownie points. While you are paying for sex you still need to be something of a gentleman as she is a woman. However, if you got something you want done just tell her. If you like to have your balls licked then just come out and say it in a way that you both would feel comfortable with.

Remember the paying for sex part? The no romance? The no feelings? Now we come to the firm part and I don’t mean you dick. In fact, you should forget about your dick. This is where the money comes into play. You need to state what you are willing to pay. She may counteroffer with a higher amount than what you quoted. Thats her job. She’s selling and you are buying so she’s trying to get maximum revenue for her time.

Now you get into the negotiation part of the deal and where you need to be firm. Don’t be a cheap ass and try and haggle her down to the lowest amount on earth. I can tell you from personal experience that you get the thumbs up from the cheap ass mongers but your service may not be the best. The old adage that you get what you pay for comes true here.

Your goal is to meet some place where you both feel comfortable with the amount being discussed. Don’t sit there and think with your dick no matter how hard it gets. It’s doing bad things to your judgement as hormones flood your brain via your dick. Don’t listen to it. Again, first hand experience talking that 90% of the time its not going to lead to something other than another nut at best. The 10% it does work out makes you want to listen more but trust me, use the big head and not the little head.

If you both agree on a price you can deal with and all is well in the world then go forth and do the deed. I wish you luck in your endeavors.

If you don’t agree with the price fall back to firm but polite. There is no loser here, you are just two people that could not agree on a price. It’s a transaction and nothing more. It’s not personal. Just politely say sorry you would like to but things just aren’t working out price wise. Wish her well and move on. No snarky comments. No feigned hurt. Nothing more than two people not reaching terms.

It took me years of mistakes and wishy washy negotiations to master this and I still mess it up from time-to-time if my dick overtakes my brain.

Just always remember when you monger that its all about the money for both of you. She wants to get paid and you want to pay her for her services. Be firm but polite on all your business dealing. It will allow you to enjoy your mongering experience and avoid a lot of mistakes and misunderstandings.