When you read this I will be in San Jose, Costa Rica.  I have not ventured into the cess pit of a city in over two years and I have mixed feelings about returning to it.  While I made frequent trips to Mexico over the two years as my main source of Latin American mongering, I avoided Costa Rica and joined the Costa Rica Sucks Club eventually moving up to President.  Why return you ask?  Morbid curiosity I guess.

Why do I hate Costa Rica so much as a mongering destination?  I have been there a lot and the saying that familiarity breeds contempt would hold true but I also had my eyes opened.  I used to travel to Costa Rica exclusively when I wasn’t going to Amsterdam to get my freak on.  I have made something on the order of 15 or so trips to CR and I found myself enjoying them less each time the more I traveled to other destinations.  I’m going to generalize here because there are always exceptions but in this case the majority wins.  First, the girls are obnoxious money grubbing bitches who irritated the fuck out me.  While I pontificate that other mongers don’t ruin it for me, in this case I blame my fellow mongers.  Costa Rica is an easy to reach destination and you have a lot of guys who come for the fishing and end up fucking and have no idea what local pricing is.  The lure of easy pussy has a very strong appeal.  They overpay, don’t expect much from the session and the girls come to expect that.  I am not hunter looking to weed out a good girl after fending off a few dozen obnoxious bitches.  I don’t like negotiating everything as I prefer the natural flow when I select I girl.  It will happen or it won’t.  Asia has spoiled me because I pretty much know that when I pull a girl I can expect a good time.

My next complaint is that the price for a longtime session in Asia I get an hour or two in Costa Rica.  In addition, you aren’t guaranteed that the session is going to be good and you seriously have to lock up all your shit in your room because sticky fingers is a huge issue.  The girls are all freelancers unless you pull from a massage place and fuck onsite, so you have no recourse if something goes missing.  I am not saying I travel in grand style but I don’t want to constantly worry about my shit going missing while I take a shower.

The next thing is Latina drama and temper.  Don’t get me wrong a Thai can do drama but if you ignore it and don’t feed it then you really have nothing to worry about.  Thai culture just works that way because they loose face and not you.  Sure you may need to worry about getting killed by a taxi driver but for the part not going to happen.  In Costa Rica they can literally flip the fuck out from minute to minute.  It’s annoying, just because you fucked a girl once means she is your property and if she sees you with someone else then she can be pissy and nasty.  The whole drama thing just annoys me because she can suck as many dicks as she wants but you can’t fuck another hottie because you fucked her.

The last thing is San Jose is an epic shit hole of a city.  Yes, there are nice parts of Costa Rica, but San Jose isn’t one of them.  It’s dirty, poorly maintained, traffic sucks, crime is rampant, and you are a gringo so therefor you are stupid and must be charged as much as possible.  That really fucking annoys me.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, in Thailand the Walking ATM and being over charged is normal but if you speak enough Thai it goes away quickly.  I still remember telling a cab driver in Costa Rica to turn on the meter in Spanish a couple of times and he ignored me.  I knew what the fare should have been so when we arrived at the location I handed him the fare based on what the meter should have read.  He freaked out, I responded I told you to turn on the meter you ignored me.  So you get what I give you.  I got called a stupid gringo and a few other choice words.  Security came out and I explained what was going on they told the guy to fuck off.  Still, it annoyed me.

So with all this in mind I am returning.  I am looking at this as an opportunity to see some friends I haven’t seen in a few years, hang out with Big Daddy, and maybe get laid if the opportunity presents itself.  With it being only a long weekend I don’t think I will have too many issues and I plan on enjoying myself regardless of the location.  I will just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Maybe I’ll enjoy Costa Rica again if I keep an open mind.