I was bored sitting at home so I did an evening out.  I headed to the sleaziest place within easy reach; The Block in Baltimore.  The Block is the red light district in Baltimore but its a weird little world because a police station is a block away and city hall is 2 blocks away.  I guess they like to keep an eye on the hookers, dancers, pimps, and dealers.  The saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Whatever, it made for a good evening out.

I rolled into town around 6 and so I had some time to kill before the shift change and didn’t want to pay $7 to $8 for canned beer so I went to the Midway Bar which is a normal bar but has freelancers and dancers coming in after shifts looking for some quick work.  Beers were a nice $3.55 and the freak show of  regulars and girls was amusing to watch.  I had a good time chatting with the bartenders who have seen it all before.  I killed a bit more time and a bit more beers in there then I intended but it was worth it to watch the humanity come through.  The highlight of my visit there was getting soaked in beer then having a bottle go flying over my head and smashing into the wall above the glass door.  Me and the guy I was sitting next to were like what the fuck just happened when I see this guy go hauling ass out the door followed by a very pissed off hooker.  One of the bartenders ran after them screaming you are banned.  The next thing I know is that the bartender that ran out after them, a small tiny woman and the hooker are on the ground fighting.  The hooker ended up in handcuffs and the bartender went back to work but she got scratched in the face by the hookers ring.  So this was shaping up to be a great evening out!

Sadly that was the most exciting thing going.  I finally made the rounds to the various titty bars and wound up in one called the Jewel Box.  This is where I pulled my freebie out of before and she wasn’t there but the most beautiful girl in the place was and she remembered me.  Normally I would get excited, but I stay far away from here.  She has needle tracks all over her.  When she was talking to me her pupils were so dilated I was shocked she could see.  She talked to me and I point blank told her I wasn’t interested and she tried to tell me she was doing better because she had fewer tracks on her arms.  I asked her to spread her legs and she was heavily tracked up on her thighs.  I may be crazy but I’m not that stupid.  She offered a freebie if I hung around but I declined.  Finished my beer and rolled on.

Some of the other clubs were extremely crowded and it was a pain getting service and around Midnight I just said fuck it and called it a night and went back to my room and crashed.  Was good to get out and get liquored up a bit and be with people of similar minds to me.

Posting my be erratic the next few weeks as I am being shipped out for work.  So if things are on schedule you know why.  Maybe the Contributing Editor Big Daddy can regale everyone with tales of his adventures in Prague.