escapismI was going to write about how shitty my life is right now as I try to do deliver a project that should take months of planning into about 4 weeks. Doing more with less and with greater expectations of success. It was something like that. It was something Big Daddy told me at one point when I told him about this project. Which got me to wondering. Is mongering some for of escapism from the reality that is our shitty daily lives?

I make no bones about my desire to get the fuck out of the grind. Circumstances have forced me to stay longer than anticipated but the desire and motivation is still there. What hasn’t changed is the expectations that have been placed on me by the powers that be at my job. I have been pulling miracles out of my ass for over 15 years now and it was there that I started to monger internationally.

Was it just me running from my reality into the fantasy world that is mongering? Was it some form of escapism that allowed me to cope with the fact that the life I had back home was not one I wanted to live? I looked forward to my next mongering trip. I spent time planning it and researching it. Doing anything to try and escape the reality that was my life. It was a form of escapism for me. It allowed me to realize something more then the shit show daily grind.

I know too many mongers that think this way. We use our trips as escapes. To just get a little bit of something better then the shit that our lives our 90% of the time.

The thing is the 10% of our little escapism may not be worth it. I know I have written about it before but when do you say enough? When do you say the fucking life I lead isn’t the life I want. That going off every few months or for those in different situations once a year to fuck beautiful women and hang with like minded people isn’t going to cut it. Why burn out for a a few good weeks a year?

It’s a sad commentary that our mongering trips are our form of escapism. Its sadder that the shit lives most of us lead don’t allow us to balance out the fucking and drinking we do. The daily grind isn’t a life. It isn’t shit other then a ticket to stress and misery. The Western Way has always been to work your balls off and enjoy it in retirement. Take your little vacations and enjoy your fantasy.

If you need me I’ll be¬†living in hell that is my reality right now but I’m planning my escape and not just a little bit of escapism only to go back to the shit that is 90% of my time.