I will finally get around to the Ban Chang report. It was an epic day out with some of the most debauched fun I have had in a long time.

Ban Chang

Let me get it out of the way now. Ban Chang is about 40 to 60 minute ride from Pattaya. It’s in Rayong Province which is the next province from Chonburi which is where Pattaya is located.

It’s a small town that caters to golfers and there is a beach but I have never seen it. Instead everyone heads to the Ban Chang Strip were there are about 20 bars that are old style, where the girls sit out front and you walk in into the closed bar and a girl follows you in.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about Ban Chang in a nutshell.

For this report bar names will not be given to protect the bars. Not that I care about you all knowing my secret spots (I have them), it’s just I don’t want this getting reported back or the bar getting in trouble and shutdown.

The Typhoon Hit

There were 8 of us on this bus trip. We are all filthy degenerates and know each other well. First bar we hit was just to take a piss and let the kamagra kick in. I used the ones you drop into the water just to see how it was. Works fast, tastes like shit.

Walked out and into the next bar and we hit like a category 5 Typhoon.

Drinks were quickly ordered, the entire staff where in the bar with us and the next thing you know there is nudity everywhere. Female and male. One guy was completely naked. If you were worried about seeing a cock not the place for you.

I was getting jerked off and fondled by two girls. The guys to the left and right of me were getting blown. I saw another guy in the corner with a girls head bobbing up and down. Another 2 had the girls on the bars and eating them out.

My two went from jerking me off to sucking me off. Taking turns. One would blow me while the other would lick my nipples or play with my ball sack. This eventually lead me to going I’m getting fucked. One girl sat on the bar stool and just spread her legs and in I went. Took a bit but finally got a rhythm going. The girl behind me is kissing my neck and rocking me into motion with the girl.

I was starting to fade from fucking when the girl behind me gets down on her knees and blows me some more then sticks it back into her friend. Then she goes back behind me and is playing with my ass and again, rocking me to the rhythm.

Let me tell you, it’s hard to finish with that many dudes around you getting their freak on. I finally just pulled out and and jacked off for about 30 seconds and spewed all over the girls pussy and stomach. Result!

Cleaned up and moved on to give the other guys some privacy. Wrong move there.

You Can Help

I moved to the other end of the bar where another guys was giving a girl lockjaw from blowing him for at least 30 minutes that I knew of. I’m not phased by it plus my 2 girls followed me and were alternating between playing with my dick and giving me a massage.

The girl my friend had was cute so when she needed a rest I would play with her tits and pussy and she would go back to work on my friend. At one point during this she grabs my hand to move it towards my friends dick. She was like you help! He cannot finish!

Fuck that!

We both got a laugh out of that. So I’m talking to him, molesting his girls pussy from behind, having my dick played with by one girl and getting a massage from another.

At some point my friend blows a load down the girls throat. She was so shocked she just swallowed it. He was like first time he’s ever came from a bj.

Go on you lad!

The Storm Moves On

At this point we had all gotten our freak on at some point or another. We tipped the girls with a bell ring as they had been fantastic to us and moved on to the next bar to cause some destruction.

We hit the next bar and again, dicks were out and guys are getting blown and fucked. I opted for a handy there was no way I was going to be able to finish any other way that quickly. So the girl got busy just jerking me off at the bar. Other guys were getting blown next to me.

At some point another guy disappeared to the pool room to do some business back there. I think the pool table in that bar has had more jizz leaked on it than games of pool.

At this point guys are fading so some head off to get a bite to eat and others just hang out and chill for a bit.

The Aftermath

We all jumped into the waiting van to take us back to Pattaya. We all busted at least 2 nuts each with some doing 3 and one guy doing 4. It was insanity and it was amazing.

Some of the guys had never been to Ban Chang and were just amazed at how cheap and how filthy it could be. All had a good time and we are now trying to schedule monthly trips just as a nice change of pace.

Ban Chang And You

Want to clarify something about Ban Chang. Who you go with makes it important. These are smaller bars. Even if you are a lone wolf type of guy you want to go with a group of degenerates. In this case, the more the merrier because the more money you spend the better the fun is. Drinks are cheap so you want a group that is willing to spend to get the girls naked and freaky.

I cannot recommend a day trip out to Ban Chang enough. I don’t care how long or short your holiday is you need to hit Ban Chang and hit it hard. Just make sure you go with a group of filthy perverts to enjoy the fun. You can easily get a car or van to take you.

So do yourself a favor and get to Ban Chang.