The word relationship and me are never seen together. I try then I spectacularly fail, usually through my own indifference or the girl annoys me at some point and I go you can leave. Which in this case happened – the end of romance.

Women Are From Venus

I firmly believe women are from another planet. It’s like holy hell, what world are you living in if you think I am going to do what you want just for a piece of ass? It’s like they lose their minds because even in Pattaya where there are thousands waiting to please you, they think vagina is different.

When you try and point out logical facts to women they are like no. They see the world completely different than a man. I am not sure how they do it but they even when the facts are dead in front of them.

Which is why you have to believe women are from another planet.

So How Did It End

Honestly, could not even tell you what triggered the battle of will between me and my recently ex-girlfriend. We were sitting at a beer bar listening to a band from another bar. Apparently I liked music too much because one minute she was cool the next she’s shooting hate daggers at me. Of course, asking what is wrong is clearly not a question a man should ask.

Instead of getting a response I got more hate daggers thrown at me. Which to the point where I was like, you are free to leave any time you like. Don’t let me stop you. Have a blessed life. To which she should up, gave me the finger and walked out.

Considering some of the breakup stories I hear in Pattaya, that was mild. No physical damage, no property damage, rather low key all things considered. Please trust me on this, that was low key because I have seen the evidence after some more spectacular breakups.

Single And Not Really Caring

I guess I should feel something but honestly, I just don’t care. One thing I have learned over the years is I suck at relationships. I have known this. Usually its a girl that pursues me and this starts by hanging out. Generally I am who I am and they know this and then want to get physical. I’m like it’s cool. Let’s go that way. Suddenly, when sex is involved my personality is now a liability.

When they start trying to change the way we were working, basically to their benefit I generally resist and tell them to get bent one way or another. I just don’t really give a flying fuck at the end of the day because it’s not worth the headache. I have learned that single is good. You can have fuck buddies, you have female friends, a girlfriend is a whole other level which is why I try and avoid them.

So I’m single again, living the life of a man in a Pattaya. Worst places to be I guess.