Mongers love to ask for advice from fellow mongers on girls. Personally I have never really given a shit. Most of the time I just feel it and go with it. If I’m not into it I just pass. What I don’t do is second guess myself.

Stop Seeking Approval

Mongers still like approval for their selections. Only an old hand doesn’t give a shit what others think about the girl they fuck. They go with what they like. No second guessing with them.

Stop seeking approval from others. You are on a monger. That means you are spending YOUR money to fuck some girl. Who gives a shit what someone else thinks. It’s your money and your time. Spend it how you see fit.

This doesn’t mean you won’t take shit for it. Trust me, I have made many questionable decisions. Still hasn’t stopped me from doing what I do. Last thing I give a shit about is what someone else thinks. When they cough up some money they can give meaningful input. Until then fuck off.

Do yourself approval and stop asking what others think. At the end of the day it’s your choice and money.

If It Makes You Happy Go With It

The biggest thing you need to learn when you are mongering is that if it makes you happy go with it. Stop worrying if someone is going to judge you. This leads to doubt and that is something you don’t want.

Go forth and do what makes you happy when mongering. I already said you are paying for it so why care if someone judges you about it. If you are into midgets in full arctic scuba gear then go for it. You earned it champ!

The doubt that may creep in if someone judges you is just second guessing. So fuck it, go in and do what you like. You got into mongering because you didn’t want to deal with normal rules for women so who gives a shit if you got a kink.

So No Second Guessing

There is no second guessing in mongering. Go forth and stick your weenie into some willing single mother willing to tolerate you in exchange for cash. It’s what her job is.

You don’t need approval and you don’t need to second guess yourself. Just do what makes you happy and don’t give a shit. It’s mongering. If someone judges you remind them they are paying as well and unless they want to pay for your session do whatever.