I guess one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when you monger is letting shit bother you. Especially the little scams that get played on you by girls or others you encounter when you are out an about.

I know it used to irritate the living shit out of me when someone would attempt to scam me or attempt to take advantage of the situation with the assumption that I was too clueless to know any better. I would get pissed an annoyed to the point that I would generally end up ruining my evening or causing a small bit of drama over something in the grand scheme of things is petty.

It took a few attempts for Big Daddy’s advice to sink in, “you going to let someone not even making minimum wage ruin your day”? Well, yes I did. I didn’t see the bigger picture.

Not sure when it sunk in but I know now that its going to happen. You have choices on how you handle it. If its obvious and you catch it just go no and attempt to diffuse the situation by making it look like a simple mistake. If the damage isn’t too great and its going to turn into a major shit show, just pay it and move on. They got one over on you. Big Deal. Life goes on. It may or may not happen again and if its an establishment or a girl you can vote with your wallet and just not deal with them in the future.

I read on a forum that a guy got pissed by a girl just assuming he was going to barfine her and already put the barfine in the bin. Now, the guy admitted spending several hours with the girl and buying drinks for her and playing pool. So when he asked her for barfine and bin she said already paid! The guy flipped his shit and admittedly lost his mind. Got mad and walked out. Mind you, he paid the bar already and was going to barfine in the first place. He let his evening get ruined and even admitted in his report that he went back and grabbed the girl anyway and took her back to his room.

I accept his position that he should have at least been asked by the girl before the automatic barfine took place. In the end I would have just laughed and said fine but next time least ask me before I pay bar. His evening was shot to hell and he was annoyed just because some bargirl was a bit presumptuous. The total cost was 300 baht or around $10. Not worth ruining your evening over.

The other thing guys let bother them is the asking for a tip before or after a session. Yes, an up-sell sucks for services. Nothing like having the girls mouth hanging over your dick and she is reaching for a condom and says tip for blow job without condom. However, if the girl performs well and you are a few ounces lighter in your ball sack let her ask. Really? Does it bother you that much she just asked? I have seen guys lose it over the tip. It’s little money in the grand scheme of things and if the service wasn’t worth it don’t be afraid to say no. Losing your mind. Not worth it.

The final thing is usually getting scammed by a taxi driver one way or another. If the taxi has a meter tell them to turn it on. Watch it for a bit and see if the meter is moving faster than America’s National Debt and then sit back and enjoy the ride. If the driver won’t turn on the meter or its a pirate taxi or motorbike taxi ask the rate up front. Does it stop the petty scams from happening? Hell no. Does it mitigate the risk to some extent? Yes.

Starting an argument over a taxi ride is really a bad idea. I have seen reports of drivers just tossing their passengers on the side of the road. I have seen taxi drivers in Thailand beat the living shit out of passengers over 20 baht difference. Look, they are barely making a living and really its not worth the shit show for not paying.

My final thoughts on the subject is that you are a strange in a foreign land. No matter how many trips you been. No matter how fluent you are in the local language, you aren’t a local. You have a choice of ruining your day or your entire holiday over some bullshit hustle by someone scrapping by the margins of society or you can just go with the flow, mitigate as much as possible and deal with it when it happens in a reasonable way.

Just remember Big Daddy’s words; “you going to let someone not even making minimum wage ruin your day”?