Here is a quick video for your viewing pleasure. Watch and learn so you don’t be this guy.

Now that you watched the video I’m going to talk about why you don’t want to be this guy.

I am not talking about him getting knocked out cold in the bar. I get he was suckered punched and didn’t see it coming but lets talk about the build up to the situation. Take the fact that it happened in Thailand out the equation as well. Location is meaningless in this.

You see, I used to be him. I was lucky I never got my ass kicked. It wasn’t an American sense or superiority it was my sense of injustice at being screwed over. You see, I would get royally pissed when some low level would try and take advantage of me because they made the assumption (correctly) that I had the money to pay. I would scream and yell and make a scene. In the end it got me no where and usually not even a sense of satisfaction.

The reality of any situation in a foreign country is that you aren’t on your native soil. The rules aren’t going to be the same regardless of how much money you got in your pocket and how well you are treated. You are a foreigner in a foreign land. Accept it as part of the experience.

Starting to make a scene when some petty scam or even honest mistake happens to you just makes you look like an ass.

Here is my advice. Calmly and non-accusatory ask if there was some mistake with the bill or whatever circumstance. If that doesn’t get you anywhere ask for the manager. Again, stay rational and calm. If you don’t find a resolution and its not a lot of money just move on. It’s not worth escalating over. Sure your pride or ego may take hit but you really going to ruin your holiday over it?

This video shows what happens if you take it too far. Think I am joking? I have seen this happen in person. This is extreme but considering I have seen it live and not just a video should give you an indicator that the world isn’t fair. If you think the local police are going to help you out the odds generally aren’t in your favor. Remember, you aren’t at home.

Enjoy your holiday. If shit happens and its minor just move on. Don’t get knocked out over some bill that in the end is small amounts of money. If you feel yourself just boiling over remember this video and my advice; don’t be this guy.