I live in a fairly civilized building. There aren’t families but lots of couples being mixed Thai and Farang and just Thai couples. It’s Pattaya and everyone knows the score but don’t be a lecherous douche like the one I’m about to describe.

What I Witnessed

My condo is full of asshole holidaymakers who drive me nuts because they fuckup the elevators. It means a long wait and usually a full elevator. While I’m not thrilled I know the fuckers are out of here soon so I deal with it.

Considering it’s a building and you share elevators it’s not uncommon you ride one with a Thai lady. If you have any sense you can spot a working girl a mile away versus either an ex-working girl or a normal Thai. It’s not that hard and really, common fucking sense gives it away.

I was riding on the elevator with an attractive non-bargirl. I gave her the side glance but that was the extent of my giving a shit about her. Then the next floor Captain Camo comes on the elevator. No shit, the guy was dressed in some fucked up camo outfit. We are talking jungle camo, not even city camo. I thought douche immediately based on outfit alone.

He then proceeds to just eye this poor woman up and down. Not like the side glance, I mean in her face and head moving up and down. Like he just got out of the POW camp that might explain his outfit or he had been locked in a room alone for his whole life.

In effect, he was acting like a douche.

Why Was This Wrong

In Pattaya, there isn’t a whole lot you can’t get away with. However, one rule is to try not to piss the locals off or make them feel uncomfortable. The poor lady was clearly uncomfortable under this guy’s seriously creepy gaze. He didn’t just do it once, he did it repeatedly. If she would have had somewhere to go she would have moved but we were crammed into this elevator.

The worst thing is that this asshat DOES reflect on all of us at some point. If you think the average Thais has a high opinion of your ass while you are on holiday or living here I got bad news. They don’t. Thais tolerate us because we do have money and we do spend it. Nothing more and nothing less. If they could find a way to get the money without us being here they would do so gladly.

When you come here, feel free to give a lady a look. Do it discreetly or hell, do it once and move on. Trust me, political correctness isn’t a thing over here. Just don’t be a full on douche about it and blatantly stare like she’s the last piece of steak at the all you can eat buffet.

Having seen this shit too many times I fucking cringe at it. Sorry, it’s fucking creepy and all you do is make everyone around you uncomfortable because it’s full-on douche behavior.

Don’t Be A Douche

Just because you are in a developing nation or a third world shit hole it doesn’t give you the right to forget common manners. Like I said, around here political correctness isn’t a thing and the girls know they look good at times. They appreciate the look but don’t do more than that. I have seen more than a few go off on guys who thought that because they were big shits here only to be taken down by some Thai girl.

Do your thing but remember your manners and don’t be a douche. Hell, don’t even be a bigger douche by wearing a complete camo outfit.