One of the things I see constantly over here and it really chaps my ass is guys who think every woman in Pattaya is a working girl. Please don’t be that guy.

She Works A Normal Job

I don’t know if there is some chemical in the air over here in Pattaya that make guys turn into total douche bags but I have seen so many instances where guys are hitting on girls that are clearly not in the game. It’s embarrassing and it’s fucking rude as hell.

I get that we are all told we are sexy men and so on but if you actually fucking believe it you got problems. The average Thai generally wants nothing to do with our monger asses. They are there to do their job and go the fuck home and be with the boyfriend, husband, family, whatever it is without some slobbering fucking monger tourist hitting on her.

Yes she may be cute but reality is she isn’t in a bar and therefore off limits.

You Are Wasting My Time

Thing is I generally witness these spectacles when I am stuck behind these fuckwits. I hate shopping on a good day and when I’m stuck waiting while you are being that guy who believes in his own bullshit. You are just going to piss me off. I’m the one who pointedly asks you to move the fuck on if you are done because you are just pissing me off.

I don’t care if you want to act like a douche bag on your own time but when you impact mine then I get annoyed. Plus, I really don’t want to see the trainwreck happen. I have seen it enough and after awhile the amusement factor dies down significantly.

It’s Not Just Holiday Makers

What is more worrisome is that that this isn’t just confined to drunks on holiday over here. In fact, I have seen guys who live here pull that shit. I watched a guy who lives in my building yesterday being creepy as fuck as he kept smiling like a fucking rapist while trying to pick up on girl that works at the corner store. She clearly wasn’t interested but he was doggedly persistent. It would have been more fun if her brother was there as he would have likely beat the shit out of the guy.

When you live here you generally know the rules, meaning don’t fuck with the non-pro’s. They as I indicated are just trying to get through life and clearly aren’t selling their pussy to do it. There is one thing to show general interest in a girl and try to do it as a functional adult but over here, with the surplus of easy pussy guys forget that you can’t just throw money at the girl and get what you want.

Sure, the pessimist in me knows that it sometimes works. In most cases it’s just rejection.

So Don’t Be That Guy

There are thousands of bargirls in this town. If you can’t get laid you got a problem. Sure, fishing for a non-pro is a change of pace but really, you just look like a fucking twat. So do us all a favor and just head to the nearest bar, pay the barfine and go get laid. Stop wasting her time and everyone else’s around you.

Just don’t be that guy that the rest of us hate.