I recently witnessed a back and forth between two mongers. One got a service from a girl after he threatened to complain to the bar about her. The girl just wanted to leave and not do anything. Eventually, she provided a service to a guy and then left without payment. The squabble was between two gentlemen. One stating you do owe her. The beneficiary of the service said no.

Do You Are Don’t You

The question is do you owe her or not is a tricky one here. There are two sides to every story and you only hearing one. Could I make some educated guesses and be close.

When it comes to dealing with prostitutes there is so much grey that it’s often hard to say one way of the other. To say you are going to complain to management forces the girl into a predicament. She now has to deal with shit from work and I don’t care who you are. You don’t want that.

The question then goes back to the monger. She delivered something. Do you pay her for that service or no? Even if she says no payment required?

Don’t Pay Her

There are some of you saying that she changed the original agreement. The clear recourse was to complain to the bar and get your initial investment back.

With her changing the agreement this means you are in the clear. What she decided to do after that. Clearly, she performed a service on her own volition. That means you do not need to pay her.

It was her choice to do what she did. Therefore no payment is required.

Pay Her

Some of you are likely think why would you not pay her? She ended up providing a service in the end. It may have taken a threat but she delivered something.

The school of thought is that these girls are working. If she came through and made you happy in the end then she should be compensated for her time. It may be a reduced fee since the scope of work changed but payment is required.

Giving her a payment means she likely leaves happy. This means less of a chance of drama later if you run into her again.

My Take

I have provided both sides of the argument here. Now it’s time for my opinion on the matter.

If she said changed the deal and didn’t want to provide the service then ask her to leave. Don’t say you are going to go talk to management. Just say your choice and escort her out the door.

When the threat of management was brought into the conversation the dynamics change immediately. Don’t even bring up the third party in this. It’s just an additional element to an already grey area.

When I have had this happen to me I have went back to the establishment and said she changed her mind. I would like a refund. Most places where you have to pay a barfine they will give it back to keep you happy. They figure you are going to spend more money in the long run and it’s small money at the end of the day.

If the girl changes the deal and does me a quick service then I pay her. She did her job to some extent. I went along with it so I am complicit with her actions. Therefore I owe for her time. It will be at a reduced rate but she will be compensated.

If she elects not to take the money then that’s on her. Your conscience is clear.

Do You Owe Her

Mongering has so many shades of grey that there is very little that is black and white. What you don’t do is bring this up in a chat room full of people you don’t know.

Mongering is business at the end of the day. You don’t go and talk business with strangers. It’s between you and whoever you are conducting your business with. If you elect to bring up your business dealing to strangers then prepare for differing views. You elected to put it out there now deal with the consequences of your actions.

At the end of the day you need to do what your own ethics allow you to do. What you don’t is go about telling your business to everyone. Keep it private like it was meant to be.