I got asked for a Ban Chang trip report and I’m here to say it was a big disappointment this time.

Too Early

With this trip we left at Noon to arrive at Ban Chang. We were meeting up with some other guys who play golf out there. So we got in a taxi and headed out.

The first thing I noticed was that nothing was open or if they were open there was no staff. It was a bit of a shit show because that left only one bar where the golfers were and they were eating their lunch. The only females in the place were the cook and the cashier. So it was a sausagefest. We basically had to sit around for an hour waiting for the bars to get going.

Out Of The Gates

We finally leave to start hitting other bars. Again, for protecting the bars I keep names out of this.

Went to the usual favorite and I was underwhelmed. It was still early and the selection wasn’t grim but it wasn’t doing anything for me. Sure I got my girl topless and had her tits out but I just wasn’t feeling it. My friend had his girl topless and suddenly I saw her head disappear under the bar. I was like good on you lad!

Once she was finished and cleaned up I started to pay attention to her. I was like I know you. She goes yes you do. Remember we went upstairs when I worked in another bar! I was like oh yeah!

My friend was like great we just swapped DNA. I was like yeah. I have no idea what the word condom means and unlike you I didn’t just get a blowjob. He just started to laugh.

Time To Go

At 3:15 it was promptly time to go so we could head back to Jomtien to watch Aussie Football. We were getting a ride back in a van for free so I was like fuck me. We really never got a chance to bar hop or do anything.

Normally my trips to Ban Chang start at 2 and end at 8. Plenty of time to do your business, have some fun and still get back to Pattaya to have a night out or whatever. We basically had 2 hours and 15 minutes. It’s just not enough time to really enjoy Ban Chang an in hindsight I should have just not bothered.

Disappointed Doesn’t Mean Never Go Back

This is the thing with Ban Chang. When done right it’s an amazing day out. When it’s done shitty it’s disappointing as fuck. Give me a real day out and I’ll come back glowing and wanting to go back again the next day.

This trip was just a waste of time because by the time you are getting warmed up it’s time to go.