I am near enough or at a month in America. It has become readily apparent that this entire country has a giant stick up it’s ass.

It’s Just Sex

I have come to the conclusion baring me traveling to some other repressed place that Americans are so uptight about sex. There is some moral conviction that sex is just for creating baby to continue to worship the tiny, Baby Jesus.

This idea is espoused by our leaders, mostly ancient, white me who are secretly closet freaks. These guys hide their freak side by selling a vision for a safe America that is wholesome and pure and is grounded in teaching of the tiny, Baby Jesus.

These self same leaders who love to hide behind the Constitution frequently forget the Founding Fathers putting in same said document, that there is a clear separation of church and state.

They preach that the family is #1, sex or anything related to sex is bad and lining their fucking pockets with their hypocritical words. During all this they are banging anything with a hole and a heartbeat and paying for $1000 hookers (clearly ruining it for the rest of us).

Snowflakes and Political Correctness

Let me be really clear here. The Liberal and Conservative divide is one-in-the-same. It’s just the same coin with different sides.

Somewhere along the line we lost our ability to be civil to each other without being branded by some label. We have taken things to the extreme as is normal in America because everything is bigger and better here – not!

There comes a point when everyone just needs to just calm the fuck down and look at the world without some idea that it needs to conform to their standards. The world is different and big. It’s full of different ideas and different people. It’s what makes it interesting. Your ideas may not be mine but at least I can recognize they aren’t wrong – just different.

America could go a long way to losing the entire label thing and just go with being humans to each other.

Let Shit GO

I think the biggest thing I find about America is that people aren’t willing to let shit go. One thing I have learned while living in Thailand is that you better be willing to let shit go and quickly. It’s a pointless exercise in futility to hold on to a grudge.

Americans just love to hold on to shit and then nurture it until it fans into a consuming hatred. They paint themselves into corners without a way to get out of it. Instead of saying sorry and moving the fuck on they just keep holding it. A simple I’m sorry I fucked up will soothe most wounds I have discovered. If that doesn’t work then throw money at the problem.

So America Remove The Stick From Your Ass

Do me a favor America, when I come back again please have the stick from your ass surgically removed. It’s doing noting but causing you problems. Contrary to your opinion it doesn’t make you morally superior or nicer.

So invoking the tiny, Baby Jesus please follow my advice and unclench and see a surgeon. Your’ll thank me later.