i3iFGbMETBy7hAvo6tZi_romantic_dateThat is correct, your¬†intrepid writer had a date. I alluded to it a couple times but I didn’t want to disclose it because I didn’t want to screw it up by pontificating on it.

So I had a date on Friday evening with a lady that I had wrote about before. She contacted me again once she settled into her new job and asked if I wanted to meet up for drinks and go from there. I agreed and a time was set. The evening went along pleasantly enough with drinks that led to dinner which led to me sleeping at her place and doing the walk of shame the next morning to pickup my car which I left at work.

For those wondering (Hello Big Daddy), I was pleasant. There was no drama. No theatrics on my part. Both parties had a lovely time both that evening and in the morning (love me morning boom boom). Then we went about our separate ways as adults do. In all it was a pleasant evening and I don’t regret doing it.

I write about my date because I want to point out something that mongers often do; bash the living shit out of women in their own country. There is nothing but negativity about them. There is nothing positive about them. They are fat and ugly. They are unrealistic. They are anything but fuckable or approachable. I call bullshit on this.

Here is the thing, I have had a lot of success dating/sleeping with American women. One of the reasons is I don’t bullshit them or play games with them. I tell them flat out I’m not looking for a relationship. I’m not looking to settle down and breed. I’m not looking for anything other than a good time. If we have a pleasant time and we fuck great. If we have a pleasant time and I go home and jerk off great. I don’t care. I’m not going to be something that I am not nor am I going to lie to try and get into panties just to have it blow up later in my face.

Mongering has taught me to just lay it out there. List out what your expectations are and be confident about it. Women appreciate a guy that doesn’t bullshit them. Sure there are princesses out there that think they are worth more then they are. You get that in mongering as well with a girl that thinks her pussy is worth more then market rate. You just move on to the next one that is agreeable. I can tell you that many women in your home country are agreeable.

One of the things I have discovered is they appreciate the freedom an independent guy gives them. I make no demands on them for their time. If schedules work out great. If not, I recognize she’s got a life and I got mine. They like a guy that is okay with them doing what they want. I think too many guys have been hardwired to believe the bullshit that society, not women but society as a whole has shoved down our throats. That a relationship is meant to be something special and that commitment is to be expected.

Women want to have their fun too. They like sex just as much as guys do. I work in an office full of women and have fucked enough of them; trust me they like sex. Guys just get so hung up on what society has told us to do when dating. Part of the Feminist Movement was our own making. We accepted women as equals (in theory) but we kept giving and giving and losing our own self identity as males. It skewed the balance and women were then put on a pedestal and deemed to be something more then what they were. Some women embraced this and used sex as a bargaining tool to be used to gain an advantage. These women became the vocal majority speaking for all. It became the norm that women were expected to be treated as something more.

Times are changing. Women are enjoying their freedom and their independence. The notion that a man is needed in their lives is now not one that defines them. They are single and independent and are capable of living their own lives without a man. This is leading to more and more women willing to enjoy a relationship outside the traditional norm.

So back to my date. Look guys, we are mongers. We do a disservice to the ladies in our own countries by ignoring them. If you really feel they are all just lying ugly bitches then I encourage you to continue to pay for your GFE at whatever rate you negotiate. Continue to bring in loads of gifts. Continue to take hookers to dinner. You can enjoy the illusion you craft yourself.

If you are willing to give the women in your own country a chance and stop believing the bullshit that is spewed on monger boards and venues, then try setting something up with a woman at home. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised.