Too tired to write anything due to my insomnia going bat shit insane. Partly my fault because I forgot to buy more meds but still waking up 2 hours after you go to sleep sucks. So you get the “outrage” of Thais who are disgusted with this couple engaging in some fun on Pattaya Beach. The best line in this article is that it might damage the image of Pattaya. Right! Like the hookers lining Beach Rd. aren’t already there. Let alone the 100’s of bars line it as well staffed full of bargirls. Welcome to Thailand! Where Thais love to feel outraged! I think they are more outraged that somehow they didn’t make any money off the couple! – Spanky

Tourist Police are hunting a foreign couple who were filmed having sex on Dongtan beach in Pattaya. The couple were caught having sex at 8am on Sunday morning. Footage of the incident was then shared on social media where it was brought to the attention of the authorities. During the 31 second clip, the couple can be seen romping on top of a wastewater pipe. The male foreigner, whose nationality is unknown is wearing a blue t-shirt and red underwear.

Officials from the Pattaya Marine and Coastal Rescue Center told Sanook that the couple had been seen walking on the beach in a drunken state prior to being filmed having sex. After officials had whistled at the couple to get them to stop, the pair simply got up and walked away, Sanook reported. The pair now face arrest if they can be tracked down by police, who have signalled their intention to prosecute.

Officials said they were concerned about the negative impact the incident would have on Pattaya, which tries promote itself as family friendly world class tourist destination.

Let me add a final piece of commentary to this. They were fucking on a sewer pipe that leads directly into the beach of their family friendly, world class tourist destination. Nothing says world class like swimming in sewage. – Spanky