I am going to wrap up the Cost Rica trip report here.  I had an early flight my last day so there were no activities other than packing up, dumping pictures and checking out of the hotel.  I really can’t say enough about Bill and the Sportsmen’s Lodge where I stayed.  Great host as always and he made sure he always chatted with me and bought me a beer or two.  Good man and knows how to keep his guests happy.  While my bar tab was damn near what I paid for my room I don’t regret it at all.  I will also give another mention to Steve at Pura Vida Transport.  If you need a airport pickup, transportation around Costa Rica, or a good guide then go with him.  His rates are competitive and he’s a good dude to have around.

I was in Costa Rica with Big Daddy for a mongering trip in January.  You can read about my summary from the last one if you like.  If you are too lazy to click on the link I’ll refresh.  Costa Rica still sucks for mongering.  It just isn’t a mongering destination for anyone that has experienced more places than just Costa Rica and this includes you Medellin guys that jumped from Costa Rica to Medellin, sorry but there are better places to monger.  I think Latin America as a whole is all about the money and the girls aren’t interested in any more.  Do I expect them to be?  No.  I would like them to at least earn their money by pretending to give a shit and be more sociable then the constant money grab.  I purposely avoided mongering as much as possible this trip because it tends to sour my outlook on the country.  I went for photography and a mental escape not for anything else.  I wasn’t in Costa Rica to monger and while I was in monger spots I minimizad my interaction as much as possible.

I got back to my previous report where I say that I could not recommend Costa Rica for mongering.  The country itself is culturally rich and I had a great time documenting it and enjoying it.  I don’t regret any of the time I spent wandering the streets and taking pictures.  It was good times.  I also enjoyed the various guys I hung out with while on this trip.  They made the trip for me by dealing with my non-sexual eccentricities as they are well known because they knew I was too jaded and spoiled by Thailand where the rules are completely different.

So would I go to Costa Rica for mongering.  Hell no.  Would I go again to do more photography and explore the city of San Jose and see the guys that frequent the place and the friends I made.  Hell yes.  It’s a close trip from America and the language barrier isn’t the steep.  It’s a good time and to hang out and escape for a bit.  So enjoy Costa Rica for what it is which is my recommendation.