The Costa Rica trip report is wrapping up with my final day in San Jose.  Did I get laid?  Did I throw a girl out of my room?  Did I take a lot of pictures?  Read on!

I awoke ever so slightly hungover from the previous days drinking so I was a little out of it but knew with some water and Advil I would be good as new in a few hours.  I also had a mission today which was to head to the Central Market and pickup some coffee from Cafe’ Moca where I have been buying coffee since my first trip to Costa Rica god knows how many years ago.  So morning ablutions, breakfast, and cameras and batteries packed and away I went to the gritty streets of San Jose.

I walked down from the Sportsmens Lodge and wandered the the Morazon Park which was full of people.  It was Costa Rican Independence Day and so I took the opportunity to snap some pictures as I wandered around.  Made my way to the market snapping pictures as I went and got to my coffee stand.  Hungover ever so slightly the guys behind the counter knew me and started to chat with me.  I finally fessed up my brain was hurting a bit because I was hungover so my Spanish was going to be a bit slow.  They laughed and said they were going to party tonight after they finished work since they were off tomorrow.

Wandering back I varied my route taking pictures along the way and seeing the Ticos enjoying their independence day.  There was a huge parade and people everywhere with streets closed off so getting around was easy and I had no problems.  I stopped at the Del Rey to take a piss and have a beer as it was hot outside and I needed something to cool me down.  Chatted with a group of guys and then wandered back to the Sportsmens to drop off the coffee in my room and then change into shorts as it was just too hot.  Talked to Miamiheller and Pops for a bit and we decided to head to Hotel Little Havanna (HLH) to check out that action down there.

We wandered into the HLH and it was packed with guys and girls.  I scoped the talent and I saw Valentina just sitting there.  I told Miamiheller and Pops they were about to witness something that rarely occurs.  I was going to fuck in Costa Rica.  I summoned Valentina over and asked her if she wanted a drink.  I told her I have a thing for women in glasses and she said she had no problem with that.  I also had cialis coursing through my veins so with the drink out of the way we went to the room.

I’ll spare you the graphic details on what happened in the room but if you enjoy a good blow job see Valentina.  I’m not hung like John Holmes but the girl went balls deep on me without blinking.  I about popped in her mouth but she wanted the favor returned and wanted to be fucked.  I have no idea if she came or not and don’t really care, but if she didn’t she was one hell of an actress and should be up for a Adult Video Award.  We chatted a bit after the activities and I took the opportunity to take some pictures and away I went as she wanted to finish smoking her herbal supplement that we both enjoyed before we started the session.  I needed a beer.

I get back to the bar and ask Miamiheller where Pops is and he said he wanted a blowjob so he was in a room.  I seriously can’t say enough about Pops other than the man was run over, needed a walker to get around, and it didn’t slow him down at all.  That is a monger.  Eventually Pops reappears and I finished eating Miamihellers food.  They wandered back to the Sportsmens together and I hung out a bit more shooting to the shit with another guy and then made my way back to the SL.

The bar was hopping as it was a Saturday night.  LA Diablo and Ingrid were there and so was Pops.  The gorgeous girl that Pops was with earlier was hanging around and making eyes at him.  I said she wants you and he said he could not because he didn’t have a room.  I said not a problem, handed him my room key and away he went.  No way I could let the guy not get a piece of ass before he headed to an apartment near the airport for the last night.  He appeared about an hour later and was smiling and thanked me.  I tipped the maid and she changed the sheets and everyone was happy.

Things started to slow down and LA Diablo started to line the chicas up for photo sessions along with Ingrid’s help at that point.  The agreement was 5 minutes, I don’t touch, I take the pictures and then hand them the money.  They knew they would end up on the internet.  So I rapidly shot like 5 girls and LA Diablo grabbed my camera at one point and started shooting the bartenders.  We had one issue with a bartender who didn’t want the pics and she asked me to delete them.  I showed her the replays and she saw the ones she wanted deleted and I did so without question.  Yes, I could douche her and recover them but it gains me nothing and she was happy.

Eventually everything winds down and I say goodbye to LA Diablo and Ingrid and I figured the night was still young so I would hit the Keylargo for a bit and see what trouble I could get into.  Things were hopping at the front bar and I was making googoo eyes at this giant breasted Dominicana.  We chatted for a bit and she was going to select me when out of the corner of my eye I saw a hardcore Nica I had been involved with a few years ago.  She finally came over and started to give me shit as her English is perfect and I was like whatever.  I was getting tired and said I was heading back to the room.  This girl is mercenary but an interesting fuck.  So off we went with her planning to spend the night.

We get to the room and get naked and things start when the phone rings and I’m like what?  She starts talking to her sister and then says she has to go.  I pointed out that she agreed to stay and I hadn’t even started to fuck her yet and it wasn’t going very well and she was like I can finish then go and blah blah blah.  I handed her 5000 for “taxi” and said bye.  She was pissed but she knew not to make a scene so away she went.  I’m sure there was a higher paying sucker  waiting for her.

So went to bed.  Was satisfied because I had gotten laid and had a good time.  Tomorrow was packing and heading home.  The Costa Rica trip report is winding down.