The Costa Rica Trip Report for day 2 gets rather dull and boring but there is some drama.  I do roll that way!

I woke up that morning feeling refreshed after going to bed the night before at 9:30.  The plan today was to head out on the streets to take some pictures and then see what trouble I could get into.  I walked all the calle’s that I wanted focused mainly on Avenida Central which is the main walking area through downtown San Jose.  I walked and just got lost in the crowds snapping away.  Again, if you know my other site then you can see some of those images, if you don’t then it sucks to be you.  This took up most of my morning and I wandered back and found myself in need of a piss so went into the Del Rey.  It was still fairly early in the afternoon so things were calm.  I figured since I pissed I owed it to them to buy a beer.  It wasn’t long until the sharks started to circle smelling what they thought was fresh blood in the water.  The first one approached me got quickly punted because she started with the standard hooker questions that I hate.  To top it off she was about 20lbs beyond doable.  Said no thank you, just here for a beer and she moved on.

I was joined by some guy who used to live down in Costa Rica but moved away and was first time back in 6 years.  We shot the shit until some girl latched on to him and I was pressed into translation duties.  Seriously, my Spanish is ok. I can follow a conversation and make my point across without too many issues but the minute I would open my mouth and speak Spanish these girls would compliment me like I was a native speaker.  No idea how many guys don’t speak Spanish but compared to Thai its stupid easy so if you travel to Latin America do yourself a favor and learn the fucking language.  Digressing I know.

While I was sitting there and translating I had a girl come up to me trying to ease into the group.  I just looked at her and smiled and said I wasn’t interested but if she wanted a reasonable drink and to get off her feet for a bit I would purchase her one.  She smiled a very winning smile and she wasn’t hard on the eyes and if it cost me a few dollars to shoot the shit with an attractive woman only over a beer I’m fine with that.  She knew I wasn’t interested so I didn’t feel the need to punt her immediately and she was grateful that I offered her a chance to chill for a few without the sales pitch bullshit.  The ladies and the guy and I were all chatting, me doing translation and him doing romance talk.  I didn’t do the money side of things, that was his problem not mine.  The ladies were impressed with my cameras and I had a large security guy come over and stand ever so silently in the corner watching me.  I made sure that I pointed the camera only at the ladies.  He seemed satisfied with that.  After about 2 hours I ejected and headed out to do some more photography and wait for a phone call from someone.

I have access to laptops and a lot of them.  I don’t mind distributing these laptops if it works in my advantage for something in return.  This person had contacted me concerning a laptop for her Mother (yeah right) and that she would be my sex slave if I delivered it.  I knew better on both accounts but I could be a dick so I made her jump through hoops.  Suddenly she could not come to the SL because of “issues” which who the fuck knows what that means but she used to work there and likely pissed off some other bartenders.  I don’t ask nor do I really care.  So instead she asked me to meet her at Bar Morazon.  I had been in it before so had no problems.  Of course this was all going to be on my tab because she was unemployed.  So not only did I haul a laptop in for her I was now paying for the drinks.  Good thing I wasn’t in a pissy mood.  Of course she wants Cosmopolitans while I’m drinking domestic beer.  We chatted for a few hours and watched the rain come down.  Once the rain stopped she hit me up for taxi fare.  That’s when the Gringo Bank closed immediately.  You took a bus here you can take a bus home.  She didn’t like the bus and I liked my money and wasn’t getting shit out of this.  So 500 colones for the bus and I put her on it.  I got some good pictures out of the deal.

I then wandered down to the Hotel Little Havana and checked in there but it was dead so I had a beer and talked to the bartender for a bit then headed back to the Sportsmens Lodge.  I spent most of the evening there just talking to various people who were shocked to see me.  I had dinner plans that night with a certain lady that many of you know I pursued for years.  I have given up my pursuit of her because I know it will go no where.  Hell she slept in my bed with me and I got nada out of it. So we had a nice dinner at JR Ribs.  This was her idea and I had no problems with it.  She bought me lunch last time so I figured I owed her dinner.  We had a lovely time until she mentioned the beach and wanting to go.  She spun a tale about her and her Mom supposed to go but then her stepdad and her were fighting so that nixed that.  It was suggested I go.  I asked some pointed questions.  Like, do you have a reservation?  Do you have transportation arranged and so on. Phone calls were made and the ride to the beach was going to be $100 each way.  No reservations but she was sure she could get them and so on.  I said sure, we can go you make this all happen.  I knew that I was going to be the financier for all this.  What I was banking on was Tica live for the moment which meant that the minute she worked her job and got off she would sleep all day and it wasn’t going to happen.  So we parted on the promise of calling me tomorrow about the beach.  I went on my way assuming I was scott free and life goes on.

My dinner now taken care of I returned to the Sportsmens Lodge and continued to shoot the shit with various people and when things started to wind down I headed over to the Key Largo.  Nothing much was happening there but I didn’t want to deal with the Del Rey so I sat and just listened to the band and eyed the bartenders.  I did get hit on by one nut case of a Tica that would not take no for an answer.  I enjoy drama but when I’m not interested I’m really not interested.  This one was bat shit crazy dancing and singing for me on the dance floor.  Then pointing at me and giving me the crazy I wanna fuck you but not in a healthy way look.  During this, the woman I gave the laptop to starts calling me and asking me to fix a laptop I had given her.  She wants to know where I am.  I told her the Key Largo.  She says she will be there there and hung up.  I could have called back but I ordered another beer.  She shows up with some laptop I had never seen before telling me to fix it right there.  I just looked at her and said hell no.  I’m on my vacation, I’m in the middle of a bar, are you fucking insane?  She got pissed and started pleading and arguing with me.  Finally losing patience with the entire scene I just flat out said, “unless you plan on fucking me and swallowing my load the answer is no”.  This prompted her to say fuck you and leave.  Mission accomplished.

I watched the band finish up their last song while trying to avoid any additional eye contact with the crazy Tica that was still dancing with herself and singing to the music being played over the system.  I said good night to the attractive bartender who flashed me the I want a tip smile and I flashed her a maybe later smile and headed to my room.

Chalk up another day in San Jose.  Mission accomplished.  Didn’t get laid, did what I wanted.  Pissed a Tica off, had dinner with another and went to be alone.  Good times!