So this was my first trip in two years to Costa Rica.  It made me remember why I quit coming to the country.  I will retain my Costa Rica Sucks membership because I can conclude it sucks for mongering.  I’m sorry, but until you have been to at least three mongering destinations in other countries and one being an Asian country you have zero to compare to.

My first complaint is the girls in San Jose.  I’m going to generalize so if you post that the novia you are paying to fuck is different, good for you.  These girls are blood sucking leeches who are out to churn and burn a profit.  Hey, I’m all for making money and I respect that these girls are working but don’t hustle my ass when I’m clearly not hustling yours.  There should be a mutual respect between monger and whore and if its not there in San Jose.  These girls are used to suckers for the most part and treat everyone accordingly.  I don’t give a fuck how fluent you are in Spanish, they treat you like shit and if you want to sit there and weed out 10 or 15 girls to find your special one go for it.  I’m there to have a good time not to fucking do job interviews.  I do enough that in real life.

My second complaint is and this is no joke, I still see the same fucking girls who I saw when I first started going to Costa Rica in 2005.  The years haven’t been kind to these girls.  They are worn out, a few pounds over what I would even consider doable.  There comes a point when they need to retire but I swear old Costa Rican hookers don’t die.  They just work shit hours in Del Rey trying in hell to catch a sucker who is too drunk or not too picky to bang them.

My third complaint is attitude.  I have never liked a girl that thought she was doing me a favor by talking to me.   I make it clear when I’m interested and when I am not.  I am not out to waste their time so I say no thank you.  Instead I get this fucking attitude from a girl who has invested the usual where are you from, first time here, where you staying bullshit routine.  Don’t pretend you are doing me a favor by thinking you are hot and sitting there and going over the usual questions I can repeat in two different languages and mimic in about 4 accents.  Been there and done that and can teach you how to do your job better.

Overall, I can’t stand the fucking mongering in CR.  Big Daddy would say its because I am such a super star monger now that I can’t be bothered with such minor league destination.  That isn’t the case.  I love going to Tijuana and those girls are far more mercenary but they know the game better and are far more inundated with gringos than CR could ever hope for.  I don’t know why there is a difference but there is.  Maybe because the girls work for the club and while performance isn’t guaranteed they still draw a salary versus the horde of freelancers in San Jose.  The exception to this is the massage places and I only saw Hotel Little Havanna and I respect Boyd for trying to manage that many women but without him constantly there as a reminder, I think they would pull the same shit the freelancers would.  I also almost exclusively monger now in places where girls are actual employees versus freelancers so I guess the incentive for a decent performance because there is always the option to complain to management if the situation sucks.  No one likes to be hassled at work regardless of what it is.

Now, with that said, would I recommend Costa Rica for a normal vacation?  Yes I have.  I have suggested friends go and see the beaches and the country side.  They have always thanked me for the recommendation and the tips I give them dealing with the Ticos in Costa Rica.  I think Costa Rica is a decent country.  While not my cup of tea to sit on a beach and watch the waves or go to a rain forest, if that’s you thing then go for it.  I can say my one regret is that I never really explored the culture like I have in Thailand and I speak far better Spanish than Thai.  I may go back to do some real photography work one of these days.  I think it would be cool to culturally explore the place but it doesn’t excite me like Asia does.  I admit to being enthralled by Asia and how ass backwards it is there from anything I have ever experienced in my time in North/Central/South America.  Yet, the monger memories taint the country for me anymore so I am hesitant to go back.

That’s my summary of Costa Rica after a two year absence.  I don’t regret going and seeing friends and hanging out with Big Daddy and PacoLoco but for mongering I would never venture that way again exclusively for it.