So I got laid last night by a very hot Nicaraguan girl.  I could not tell you her name if you paid me but I do have a picture.  I met her at the Sportsmens Lodge and Big Daddy went with her friend.  She had some Asian blood in her and an attitude which I found attractive.  I did the deed and then wandered off to the Key Largo.

Big Daddy had drama with her friend who insisted that she pay her $200 for her time and Big Daddy made it clear that it wasn’t going to happen but she complained to the hotel manager who said he didn’t give a shit one way or another and more or less told her to leave.  I finally convinced Big Daddy to roll to the Key Largo and the Del Rey and he showed up and I was more or less working on a world class drunk episode.

After a bit we came back to the Amistad and I ran into El Diablo and his girl who are a fun couple and we hung out drinking ourselves stupid at the Amistad bar.  We saw some guy plant face first into the floor after missing a step, and then we had some more drinks.  I was going  back to the Del Rey after they went to bed but walked as far as the Sportsmen and said fuck it and went to bed.  This was around 4 AM.

I have had sex and been drunk so life goes on in Costa Rica.