This would more or less be my final day in Costa Rica as Big Daddy and myself were flying out on a 7:30 AM flight so that meant heading to the airport at 5 AM because you never know how crappy its going to be there.  The airport in San Jose is much improved from when I first went there but its still a bit of a zoo at the counters and clearing through customs.

I had a visitor in the wee hours of the morning which I had left instructions for the front desk to just give her a room key once she showed her ID.  This was a friend and she was crashing after working her normal job with plans to go to lunch later that day.  So in she came around 5:30 and she changed into a borrow shirt and crawled into bed with me.  For those of you know that know, yes it was her.  No nothing happened.  I be lying to saying that I didn’t want something but with everything I have been through with her, I wasn’t going to force the issue.  Call me what you will but I do care for the girl and I’m not going to treat her like some common whore.  Without going into details there was peace between us.

We woke up around 1:30 that day and headed downstairs.  I met Big Daddy and PacoLoco and we said we were heading out to lunch.  So off to San Pedro which is burb of San Jose and we had a spectacular lunch at a place called Machu Pichu, which is a Peruvian seafood restaurant.  Why its named after a freaking city in the mountains and serves sea food I don’t know but I can tell you that the ceviche there is incredible.  We both pigged out and had a wonderful meal.  We caught up on what was going on with our lives and I regaled her on my tales of Thailand.  She knows my bad habits and while not thrilled with them she just laughs at some of the more stupid shit I can get into.  She’s seen me shit faced drunk and stupid so she knows the trouble I can cause.  She was impressed I could switch to Thai when it amused me.  She would equally give me shit about not speaking Spanish when I am with her.  Yes, she is one of the reasons I learned Spanish in the first place.  She speaks fluent English but when I am with her I don’t bother to speak at all.  She handles it until she gets annoyed with me because I will answer in English to her to a Spanish question but make her translate it back.

After lunch we were both stuffed so we headed back to my room so we could watch a movie.  We watched Puss n’ Boots which I can say was pretty damn good while my friend blissfully fell asleep and snored her way through the movie.  Around 5 I woke her up and she had to go to work that night at 10 so off she went.  Was good to see her and I’m happy I made time to hang out with her.  Getting out of the Gringo Gulch was something I don’t regret doing.  Now it was time to find Big Daddy and PacoLoco.  A quick txt and they are walking to the Sportsmens from Hotel Little Havanna.

I had to pay my exit tax so I ducked into the Sportsmens Lodge and payed the $30 fee which is only a few dollars more than the airport and I was stamped out.  Big Daddy wanted to head back to the Amistad to drop some stuff off so I handed him my passport.  Bill the owner of the Sportsmens bought me a beer and I settled in at a table and chilled out while PacoLoco bought some dinner.  Eventually Big Daddy wandered back in and the NFC Championship game was on.  I haven’t watched an American Football game all year.  PacoLoco eventually left us to clean up and go on a hunt for some talent while Big Daddy and I ate, drank, and watched the game.

It was then I decided to kill a bucket list item I have been wanting to do.  Blow a load on a girls glasses and take a pic of it.  So off to the Del Rey as there wasn’t anyone in the Sportsmens Lodge that fit the criteria.  We found a table and watched the talent go by.  Suddenly we were sitting with the very attractive Negra Colombiana whose name escapes me.  I was lusting after her as you can see from the pictures I shared but I was still in chica with glasses mode.  However I told Big Daddy if he didn’t hit that he was insane.  So off he went with her.

Paco and I wandered around and he pointed out his Dyke with Spikes Lesbian that had a fucking flat top.  He admitted he has banged her.  I can say emphatically that Paco is gay because this chica likely uses a strap-on or something to do guys.  We did find one girl with glasses but she was pushing 200lbs and I wasn’t putting my dick anywhere near that so we wandered off to the Key Large to scope talent over there.  I think I had a beer or something but there was nothing for me so back to the Del Rey.  At some point I lost Paco but who the hell knows where or when.  I wasn’t drinking much because of the flight the next day.

I ran into another monger; Ziggy and we chatted about our experiences in Costa Rica and our dislike for the place.  We did this over a beer while sitting at a slot machine watching the chica parade.  Finally around 1 in the morning knowing that at 5 I had to go I was going to call it a night when suddenly I see the Colombiana that Big Daddy took.  Since Big Daddy and I have swapped DNA and I accepted this as a sign from Buddha I immediately headed over to her.  She already knew about my glasses issue and I had sun glasses to make this work so without batting an eye off we went.  I missed the glasses but got her face and absolutely coated her hair.  She was a three holer too and I didn’t try for the ass but it slipped in on a missed stroke because she had so much lube.  Big Daddy confirmed that he had hit her there too.  So boom the deed was finished.

By this point it was 2:30 so I crashed out for a bit and chilled; dozing more than anything. Phone alarm was set for 4 AM and I finished packing.  Had to go downstairs and get the night guy to open my safe with their universal unlocker because my keycard was reset and thats how the safes work.  Got that opened, finished packing everything and headed downstairs where Big Daddy was waiting.  Paid my bill and off to the airport we went.  Quickly got checked in for the flight.  Only one moment of drama and Big Daddy could not find his tickets or passport after clearing security.  5 minutes of frantic searching with help from the guards only to discover that somehow the pouch he carries that stuff in ended up in his jacket sleeve.

The usual sit around waiting for a plane stuff and clearing security to board a flight to the US.  Flight wasn’t full and I was in a exit row with another dude so we had the middle seat open.  Dozed a bit and landed in Atlanta and cleared customs without an anal probe.  Saw a flight leaving at 1:50 so hauled ass to the gate and got on that and was home before 4 PM.  Asleep by 6.  So ended my Costa Rican adventure.  I’ll wrap up my thoughts on Friday.