I woke up in the morning and gave Big Daddy and call only to discover that the bastard wasn’t answering his phone or texts.  I was thirsty and the only thing I had in the room was beer so around 11 the festivities started.  I finally wandered downstairs after taking a shower and found Big Daddy smoking a cigar outside on the patio of the Amistad.  I had to go back and get my coffee so we had to head back to the market.  We somehow met up with Paco Loco and we were off to the market via taxi secured in front of the Sportsmens Lodge.  I remember having a beer or two there while we were killing time and off to the market we went.  The guys at Cafe Moca were very cool and handed me the coffee that was forgotten yesterday and Paco Loco bought a few bags himself.  We then headed back towards the hotel and dropped the coffee off.

We then wandered down to the Hotel Little Havanna and more beers were had by me of course and Big Daddy and Paco Loco found love at some point and wandered off.  I enjoyed a Philly Cheese Steak from the restaurant in an attempt to sober me up which it did for a bit and I sat around the bar and regaled people with tales of Thailand and the dumber shit I have gotten into.  We eventually made it back to the Amistad for a clean up and me and then headed to the Sportsmens Lodge.  I sat and shot the shit with El Diablo and his girl for awhile then ordered a Plato de Dia (plate of the day) to keep me somewhat upright and functional.  I will freely admit that I was hammered by this point.

Eventually Big Daddy called me and said he was at the Amistad with a friend of ours that was visiting.  She came to hang out with us and then we went to the various rooms and had a few drinks and chilled out for a bit before it was decided to head to Chubbs to see if a friend was there.  Sadly she wasn’t and we confirmed that she was no longer working at Chubbs.  I was hammered drunk and the mutual friend of Big Daddy’s and myself were basically picking at each other as I was mildly annoyed with her for no reason other than I was drunk.  So eventually I left them and headed to the Key Largo to scope the talent over there.  Nothing struck my fancy and I had another guest coming in the morning which was confirmed by a phone call.

So around 12:30 I staggered off to bed and passed out gracefully.

So ended the day for me.