Or as some called it, Spanky gets laid.

I woke up that morning feeling refreshed as I went to bed sober and didn’t fuck the night before.  Tracked down Big Daddy and seeing how I missed the free Amistad breakfast off to the Sportsmens Lodge for some breakfast.  Had a decent one and  Bloody Mary to set the mood.  Big Daddy had a Fresca and a shot of tequila. The plan was to head down to the Mercado Central in downtown and pickup some coffee from a little place that I found on my first trip and have introduced others to it ever since.  My own family demands that I bring it back as gifts.  So off we went with my new camera hanging off my neck but I wanted to try it out and play with it and while a risk in downtown San Jose it was one I was willing to take.

We walked all the way down to the Mercado and we finally ended up at the stand called Cafe Moca, they don’t have a website but the locals buy their coffee there so you know its the good shit.  I ordered two kilos and Big Daddy ordered 4 kilos and 4 half kilos.  It takes a while to process all that so I wandered around a bit and took some photos and mainly became non-intrusive.  In about 20 minutes or order was ready and off we went.  Our intentions were to walk back to the hotel but I lost my landmark as I could not see the giant ass INS building and I wasn’t carrying all that back after awhile so we hailed a cab and headed to the hotel.  It was there that we discovered that my coffee order was missing but I wasn’t going back.  Instead I said the hell with it and would go back tomorrow.

Big Daddy and I headed down to Hotel Little Havanna to see the manager and good friend Boyd.  He was there and meeting and greeting everyone as we chatted a bit and caught up.  I scoped out the talent pool but I’m not a point and fuck type of guy.  I can admit they are beautiful women but I like to talk and chat with them a bit and while you can do that it’s just not my thing there.  Big Daddy found one that he liked and quickly romance blossomed.  So off to the room he went and I shot the shit with various guys around the bar.  Boyd’s lovely wife and child showed up and I gave her a big hug and kiss as she is a real sweetheart and Boyd is a very lucky man.

Finally Big Daddy showed up after losing a few ounces in seminal fluid and off we went to Chubbs to see if a bartender that we both knew was there.  Sadly she wasn’t so we went to the Del Rey and ordered a drink and some food.  I was instantly in love with our waitress which means I could not have her but hey I can look.  At one point I wandered off to check the talent and take a piss and the next thing I know I come back to a table with a bunch of chicas sitting around it.  I wasn’t interested but bought mine a drink and talked to her until the food arrived and dived in because I wasn’t that interested.  Big Daddy gave me some shit but why should I bother trying to make conversation and pretend I want to fuck them and waste their time when I’m not interested.  After the meal we wandered back to the Amistad and cleaned up.

We then hit the Sportsmens Lodge for drinks and to see who was around.  I met a rather curious gentleman named El Diablo and his very charming girlfriend.  We chatted a bit and then eventually wandered off.  Somewhere into wandering Big Daddy and I found ourselves with two Nicas who were beautiful enough (you guys saw mine’s pic already).  We had some conversation and I finally relented and said fine lets get this nut out of the way and headed back to the room.  I could not begin to tell you what her name was but the minute we were in the room and before clothes were taken off she wanted payment up front.  I told her in Spanish that wasn’t happening.  I respected her position and showed her the money and said I understood it was her job but I just was not going to pay up front.  She said she was recently ripped off by two guys whether true or not I could understand what she was saying.  I promised to pay and I think she appreciated the fact that I said that I understood the entire working thing and that I would pay.  We took a quick shower and off to the bed we went.  Would I say the session was outstanding?  No.  Did she have a beautiful body and was sweet as well, yes.  This is a mostly me thing when it comes to girls in Costa Rica so the session did the trick and I busted a nut.  We cleaned up and as promised I paid her and we split a cab to the Key Largo.

It was there I finally ran into Paco Loco and another friend.  I knew Paco was in town but we hadn’t run into each other yet.  They were off to hunt for diamonds in the Del Rey and I was checking the scene in the Key Largo.  I txted Big Daddy and eventually he showed up and we had a few beers in the Del Rey at the bar before calling it a night.

So ended my second and dare I say sex filled day in Costa Rica.