I’ll give a full report now because I roll like that.

First off, I want to tell Delta Reservations they suck.  I tried to jump an earlier flight into Atlanta to make sure I had plenty of time to make my flight but I could not get a straight answer out of the phone people so I finally just gave up and kept my original flight. Got into Atlanta on time and met Big Daddy for some preflight beers and off to get on the plane.  I was supposed to be in an exit row but in typical Delta fashion they changed the plane so I wasn’t in one now.  They have done this to me before and it’s annoying but life goes on.  Big Daddy was up in first class and got me kicked out of there by a bitchy stewardess but I got a free beer out of it.

We landed in CR without incident and blew through customs and stopped at duty free for Big Daddy to load up on liquor and then we stopped and picked up SIM cards before meeting our ride.  There was a couple with a hot Korean girl who was American and her buff ass boyfriend picking up a SIM card as well.  I mention this for a reason later.  So off we go and meet Pura Vida Transport out in front of the airport.  Steve was there and he met the requirement of having a cooler full of beer waiting for me.  So a beer in hand and off we head down the highway until they shut the damn thing down for no reason and we got detoured.  Steve did a hell of a job figuring out how to get us back on track and we got into San Jose until we got detoured again because the local road crews felt the need to shutdown every road on a whim.  We finally got to the Hotel Amistad around 10:30 that evening and the owner was there and I got a beer while we checked in.

Steve, Big Daddy and myself wandered over to the Sportsmens Lodge for some beers and to say hello to anyone we may have known.  I ran into a few and said my hellos and talked to another guy who is a pro photographer and we talked shop for a bit.  He is way beyond me in skill and equipment but it was a good chat and I enjoyed myself.  Steve was making the rounds himself talking to past clients and friends that were in the Sportsmens that night and I wandered over and talked to Big Daddy who found company.  This girl had a huge natural set of tits on her that were impressive.  While she wasn’t to my tastes she apparently was Big Daddy’s and she generously let me feel that her tits were in fact real and not silicone.  It was close to Midnight by this point so Big Daddy said goodbye and Steve and I headed to the Key Largo to check out the talent over there.  Steve was also hungry and they normally have a buffet for a reasonable rate but there was nothing.  I had a few beers and scoped the talent but there was zero that interested me in the place.  Steve was still hungry so we wandered over to the Hotel Del Rey.

We did the loop through the place and now you will know why I mentioned the hot Korean.  Steve and I were walking through and he knows my love of the Asian women goes hey look there is a hot Asian girl for you.  I turn around and sure as shit its the girl from the airport with her boyfriend.  She was rubbing on some girl while all eyes were on her.  I told Steve she was on our flight and we talked to her buying our SIMs.  So far she was the hottest thing I had seen in Costa Rica.  Steve wanted to eat so we made our way to a table and flagged a waiter for him to place his order and I had a beer and scoped the talent.

While we waited for Steve’s food we talked about how CR sucked and I pointed out that there wasn’t anything that was remotely appealing to me walking by.  I got hit on by a few of the hardcore sharks that work the place but I kept them moving with a few quick words of Spanish.  Steve’s food finally arrived and the order was wrong which didn’t shock me so a bit more waiting and a bit more looking withe little hope and his food arrived.  I killed another beer while he ate and we just more or less shot the shit.  I could say I was disappointed with the talent in the Del Rey but I’m realistic about these things knowing I wasn’t going to expect much.  I am also not a hunter willing to wade through dozens of girls to find one that I could settle for.  So after Steve was done I was like I am calling it a night man.

Steve generously gave me a ride back to the Amistad and said he was heading home to sleep.  This was around 2 AM and I waved to the front desk guy as I slid by and off to bed.  I was tired from the travel and not really feeling the Costa Rican monger scene vibe anyways so for those of you that know me a rare thing happened, I went to bed sober in a monger destination.

So ended day one in Costa Rica.