So I was reading another monger website that dare not be mentioned because oh yeah, the useless fucking new admin over there blocks this site like I’m a threat. I’ll hold off railing on the morons that populate that site for another day when I’m more awake but lets take a stab at some of the stupid that I saw.

For full disclosure. I believe in writing the truth. What you read here is as I saw it. I don’t sexy it up. I don’t glamorize it. We pay for sex in foreign countries. There isn’t much glamorous about it. Sure the travel is cool but the rest is as simple as walking to a ATM and pulling out sufficient money to pay said prostitute. Nothing more.

Let me give the first quote of greatness that included a picture of a dead body in a casket; “Tries to convince me she’s dead and needs money to ship her body to Nicaragua with this pic. She’s not too bright, but she did rip me off earlier”.

Are you fucking kidding me?! So you just posted a picture of a girl trying to scam you apparently she’s dead and magically writing you from beyond the grave and you call her “Not too bright” and then in the next sentence admit that she ripped you off? HOLY FUCK! You are the one not bright. You got ripped off by the stupidest working whore on this planet and you just admitted to it!

Fuck sakes! Consider what you post!

I can’t share the pictures I was seeing but I’ll go into details.

The quote under the image was “Sweet girl, a cuddler, not a porn star”. That’s a nice way to say she’s fat! Look. We have all made mistakes while mongering and in our civilian lives. Hell I admitted to it in Tijuana. The thing is YOU DON’T LEAVE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE! Jesus christ. No no no!

The final piece was two “Dominican Hotties”. One was about 25lbs or 10 kilos give or take. The other was severely beaten with the ugly stick, put in a sack and beaten some more and survived. Then the picture was shared. There was even a hint of paying these two for “company”. No! I have really paid girls to leave me the fuck alone. In Thailand I have asked point blank if I buy you a beer will you get the fuck away from me?

Gentle readers. I appreciate that you come to this site to read my ramblings. I’m proud you enjoy the mongering lifestyle. However, consider what you post. Be honest, but if you are banging a pig then admit you are banging a pig and don’t take pictures. If you got ripped off admit it. Just don’t post pictures!

Remember people. What you write is what is read. So please consider what you post and share.