This will have nothing to do with mongering. So if you want something like that use the search feature. Lots of stuff about it.

Instead I am going to talk about shoes. In particular comfortable shoes.

So I am in the market for shoes. I can wear whatever the hell I want to work and I do. I’m not a flashy guy. I go for comfort versus fashion. I don’t really give a shit about what my shoes look like. I primarily wear Nike’s but over the recent years I have noticed a trend. Nike’s are now plastic and silica and look like something designed by a drug addict after watching too many episodes of the Jetsons.

I don’t want to wear plastic on my feet. Give me real imitation leather! Fuck give me something other than the picture above! When did shoes turn into plastic fashion statements? More so, who in their right fucking mind will pay US $100 dollars an up? The median average for a pair of plastic ass Nike’s made out of plastic and silica is like $150.



My Work Shoes Today

Why would anyone do this? You can’t even wear them daily. They fucking fall apart if you do. I learned this from the office expert on shoes who takes it as a grave personal offence¬†that I have no problem wearing the same few pairs of shoes and expect them to last! I’m not polishing a fucking pair of plastic with window cleaner!

I get that I could get New Balance the old mans athletic shoe of choice in black or white. They still even have velcro that isn’t an optional accessory, but the way to hold shoes on your feet. To be honest, I don’t fucking like them. Nike’s have worked for me for years. They fit my feet, feel comfortable and didn’t look like a kids toy I accidentally stepped on and stuck to my foot. I mean, I’m getting old but I’m not there yet.

I am starting to realize my options are limited. I feel that spending $100+ on a pair of shoes is ridiculous. I don’t want some fancy pair of plasticy piece of fashion that do fuck all for my comfort and make me look like the awkward 40+ year old that never really moved on from the glory days of high school.

I just want comfortable normal looking shoes! Is this too much to ask for in this day an age?