I know its supposed to be Monger Pic of the Day but instead I’m opting for doing a trip report on Cambodia.

Immigration Sucks

I will never bitch about shitty immigration again after dealing with Cambodian immigration. I filled out my form but didn’t have photos for my visa.That was $3 more and not an issue. Where it sucked was they take your passport and then you just fucking wait.

It just goes down a row of people each doing something manually until an immigration officer gets it. Who then just holds it up in the air and screams your name. Huge crowd of people just standing around waiting for this.

Once you get your passport back you discover a whole fucking page is taken up by the visa which is just a 30 day one. I’m like are you fucking joking for 30 days you took a page? You suck balls.

After that its through immigration and then he does a bunch of shit and finally you get cleared to go to get your luggage and then customs. Since it took like 30+ minutes to do all this my luggage was just waiting for me.

Granted I could have done an evisa but I I didn’t have time to get it approved before going. So I did visa on arrival. Never again will I come to Cambodia without getting my evisa first.

Sim, Taxi, Hotel Oh My

So I needed a Cambodian sim card since my Thai number doesn’t work here. Easy enough, for $5 I get unlimited data and for $1 I can make calls for the time I’m here. Good enough. Guy did the sim card for me and I was online instantly.

Figured out the taxi queue easy enough. I found the window and got handed a slip and told to pay the driver, flat rate of $12 to the hotel. Walking to the queue I see a guy just before and he’s all official like with a radio. So was like lets go, we start walking away from the taxi’s to a shit tuktuk. I’m like give me my fucking paper back you lying sack of shit. Not even a sorry. Just hands it back to me.

Get to a real taxi and its a cluster fuck getting out of the airport because the road is flooded. He doesn’t know where the hotel is so I give him the phone number and he gets directions. Took about 40 minutes because traffic was so fucked up.

Finally at the hotel I realize its above an Indian restaurant. No biggie, Khmer guy checking me is cool and he’s like you want to see the room before you move in? I’m like yeah why not. So he shows me 2 rooms. One had just a king bed and only an interior facing window and another had 2 double beds and the window looked at the wall of the building next door. He’s like I got a balcony room but its $25 more for your entire stay. I was like let’s look. Get in and it’s all hardwood and the view is out to the river and very nice. I was like I’ll take it. So dump my shit, go down to reception and pay the $25 and get my passport back from him.

I promptly came in and passed out and took a much needed nap.

Into The Night

After unpacking and getting my shit together I head out toward the bar streets which are 110, 130, and 136. I had one destination in mind, the Red Fox Bar. Why? They sell joints! Yay!

I promptly got baked out of my skull then wandered into the night. First thing I hated about the bars is you walk in and you got 7 fucking girls staring at you looking for a drink. I’m like no, go the fuck away not happening.

I just kept bouncing and I found the later it got the aggressive ones either had gotten barfined or were just too tired from being super aggressive. Finally found one hot girl and I’m like oh wait, you aren’t a girl you are a ladyboy. Haven’t done one yet but this one was hot and I was tempted. Then she is like $100 and I just laughed and went you are out of your mind. I was like honey I’m used to $30 for longtime in Pattaya and Cambodia is dirt poor, you must of lost your shit from hormones. She fucked off so I paid my bin and walked away.

Amazing Sense Of Direction

By this point its nearly 5 AM and I’m clearly baked and now drunk and I should point out lost as hell. I had stopped at some store and got a bite to eat and some supplies which threw me off my track. So I told a tuktuk driver $1 to get my ass back to the hotel which is only 2 blocks away but I had no idea where I was at this point.

He takes off towards the river and I am like make a left. No worries that its a one way street, he just does it. Get dropped off at the hotel and there is another guest waiting for the night doorman to let us in.

I a completely shattered so eat the mango I bought and drink a bottle of water and then gracefully pass the hell out.

Cambodia Has Been Good

So far this has been a great trip. Sure I didn’t get laid but that was never my primary objective here. It was to get away from the bars in Pattaya and the royal cremation ceremony.

Getting high is just amazing, the girls are sexy but shark like which is annoying. Today is a bit of a wander and see what there is to see then back out to the bars for some good fun!

More to follow.