That’s right! I’m leaving the comfort of Pattaya and heading to Cambodia, in particular Phnom Penh for a 4 day holiday.

Why Leave

My normal days off are Monday and Tuesday. There is a strong indication we will be shutdown the 25th at Midnight and 26th is a nationwide ban on pretty much anything. It is the royal cremation ceremony.

They are going cremate the previous king and it will be a fairly somber affair here in Thailand. With Cambodia a quick 1 hour flight away it made sense to sneak out of town and head to Cambodia for a few days and check the scene out there.

Phnom Penh

The monger scene in Phnom Penh is much smaller than Pattaya. From all indications it reminds me nearest is Tijuana. So looking forward to a smaller scene and being unknown for a few days.

To be fair, I’m also going for weed and getting totally fucking baked for 4 days straight. Then I’ll do some tourist shit and and get baked some more.

If I get laid thats great. If I don’t thats great too. I am a little fried from dealing with working girls at the moment. Sounds great managing a bar but to be honest they wear me the fuck out.

This isn’t saying I won’t check out the scene just saying that I am not going to go out of my way to get laid. I’m there to relax and enjoy myself.

Live Report

I’ll see if I can keep a running report. I will be posting in the forums for sure. I generally use them for notes when I write the report for the blog. So look forward to my virgin trip to Cambodia. I hope its a good one.