I wish I was making this up. There is a part of me that wishes I was using literary license here. A discussion was happening in a mongering group. This was about pricing and how stunners cost more. How you needed to be Brad Pitt to get these girls to go with you because they have boyfriends and sponsors.

Brad Who?

Let us get the obvious out of the way. You got a self esteem issue. If you think you need to look like Brad Pitt to fuck a beautiful hooker you got problems.

I don’t care what you look like. Provided you are somewhat groomed, meaning showered. Have on reasonably clean clothes. Can string together words into sentences. You can fuck a stunner.

The notion that a hooker. Yes, a hooker. Gives two shits how you look beyond what I stated above and even that is in questions shows you how clueless you are. She’s a hooker for fucksakes.

If she cared about who her sexual partners are she would not be a hooker! I’m sure she wished you looked like Brad Pitt. She’s more interested in the local currency in your pocket.

Your appearance is very much secondary.

Stop Giving A Shit

You are a monger. Paying to have sex is your lifestyle choice. It’s also the great equalizer in all things in mongering.

I don’t care if you look like an extra from Revenge of the Nerds versus 300. It’s not about looks. The ability to pay is far more important.

Looks and popularity are no longer a requirement to getting laid. If she is hot and you have a pocket full of money go ask her for a session.

Stop thinking you are back home where the beautiful girls are unattainable. Your money is the great equalizer.

Confidence Is Key

How you act is far more important than how you look. Mongering is a level playing field. It just comes down to the ability to pay.

If you see something you like then just walk up and ask. Confidence in yourself knowing that you got the money to do what you want is key. She’s going to respect that more than a guy too intimidated to ask.

Walk up to her and tell her what you are offering for her time. If she quotes you some stupid price then walk away. She’s still selling her ass and you still got a pocket of money for the next stunner.

Stop With The Brad Pitt

Looks don’t matter in mongering. Personality is marginal. Your ability to pay is all that really matters. So stop with the Brad Pitt shit.

Toss your low self esteem and get on with it. You monger because you can. Having a session with a hot girl is your right. Don’t let your own self-doubt stop you.