Today I will venture forth and brave Songkran for some photos. Not looking forward to it but life goes on.

Wet And Unhappy

I know I will get soaked today. Fully expecting it and prepared for it. Just not looking forward to it. It is what it is and life goes on. Luckily have a waterproof camera which I will finally use.

Personally, the idea of getting absolutely fucking soaked against your wishes just sucks. I don’t mind fun but repeatedly blasted is miserable. The ice buckets of water are the worst. It’s so fucking cold. That whole Ice Bucket Challenge shit a few years back which was a big deal. Come and live 6 days with it Songkran and then come talk to me.

You can now see why I am not the happiest camper.

After Today

I officially go into hiding after today. There is zero desire to be involved in this shitshow and most expats here do the exact same thing. Start hiding out and only venturing forth at night. Luckily I live in a residential area so I’m safe from the debacle that is Songkran except for the traffic nightmare as all the main roads are screwed up.

Trust me, Monger Travels HQ is going to get a lot of love from me because it’s only going to escalate as the days wear on.

I’ll watch remotely. Since getting soaked ain’t my thing.

Wish Me Luck

If you never get another update assume I killed someone and look for me on Pattaya One News. If not, I survived and hopefully don’t come home with a shitty infection from dirty water. It happens.

Until then, happy Songkran! Not!