If you are coming to the site and you get some 500 internal error figure its me restoring shit back to what it was.  I had some serious tweaks to protect the site and I’m pretty anal retentive about keeping this site from being infected or hacked (please be gentle hackers).  So in the process I may break the site periodically as I get shit back to the way it was.  In all honesty the shit I planned may be delayed until I figure out how to open the gallery and embed the videos in a way that I like and can control.  I’m not shitting you when I say I have enough videos to keep you guys in masturbatory heaven.

So bear with me as I work this all out and get things back on track.  Holding down a real job and doing this for fun and (no) profit makes my time limited.  I was gently admonished by the developer to stop fucking with plug-ins but I feel compelled at times.