Going to tell you a story about my woes for trying to get a Bj from the one woman that I still thinks gives the best bj in the world. Here is my tale of BJ blues.

Celebrate Good Times

My room needed a good cleaning, there was no getting around it and I took 3 days, due to illness and other commitments to complete this task. In honor of the momentous occasion I figured why not reward myself with a good BJ.

The issue is the girl in question is mental at the best of times and down right batshit crazy on a bad day. So I could not reach her through normal Line chat because oh yeah, she blocked me and has no idea how or why and no idea how to fix it.

She actually passed her number on to me via a mutual friend so I could reach her that way. So I did and she was excited to hear from me.

Then It Starts

I reached out to her around 9PM and she responded by 9:30 so things were looking up. I told her what I wanted and she went into a ramble about how much she misses me and so on. It should be pointed out that I responded with I don’t really care. I just want a BJ and I’m tired so can you do this or not. Can!

I really was dragging ass because between cleaning I had run errands all day and was tired as fuck from running around. So I was like can you get here by 11 because there is no way I am going to be able to stay up much later.

The first response was I just got up need to shower. Fuck! Ok! Oh, I have period so cannot boom boom. I’m like, what part of I just want a BJ didn’t you understand. I don’t want sex, I just want a fucking BJ. She then goes, cannot finger me! I’m like I just want a fucking BJ!


She then tells me she is going to shower and then come to my room. Fine by me.

Downhill From There

It’s now 10:15, I have taken my own shower, looked up buying a bunch of shit and then a new message comes in. I just finish eating! I go shower now!

What? I thought you were taking shower!

No. Had to eat first.

Fuck me. I told you if you aren’t here by 11PM don’t bother because I really am tired and not really that interested in waiting up for you to get your ass here on Thai Girl Time.

No want to see you. It’s 10:15, you got 45 minutes. You and I both know its going to take you 30 minutes to take a shower.


Where are you coming from. Jomtein.

Fuck this. BJ is off. I’m not waiting for you to drag your ass from Jomtein to here because odds are you won’t get here till 11:30 at the earliest and I’m tired. Let’s just agree to meet later when you don’t have your period (still only want a BJ), I don’t have to deal with you eating and showering and you can come in, I can get my BJ and we can just call it a fucking day.


Monger Problems

Welcome to the real struggles of a monger. Who knew a simple request for a BJ could be a struggle. I know some of you are sitting at home going you pathetic bitch, I would stay up and wait for a BJ. Thing is, I live in Pattaya, I could have likely knocked on a door in my building and got one but this girl does good BJ’s. We are talking gagging and everything! Huge fan!

So to sit around and waste time waiting for her to drag her ass out of bed and do whatever else she needed to do wasn’t going to happen. Hence, I still have the BJ Blues. I will likely resolve that issue this week from her but for now, you can see my struggle is real.