I realize I promised to post Thursday and Friday last week but as always, the best laid plans go to shit.

Crying And Snot

I was happily sitting in my new condo on Thursday when I get a distraught phone call. Getting a call from a Thai is like winning the lottery. They never use the phone to make a call. So I was like whats up. I need to see you right now. I’m like what is wrong? I should point out she’s barely coherent and can barely make out what she is saying. So I’m like ok, I’ll head your way.

I get to the bar where she lives and she’s crying all over the fucking place. I am like what the hell is wrong. My brother died. Oh, fuck me. I have the empathy of rock. Personally, you are fucking dead, nothing I can do about it so I don’t really worry about it at all.

Not in this case. Instead she mashes her face into my chest and starts sobbing even harder. I am like fuck me. So I just kinda hold her and let her get it out of her system. When she finally calms the fuck down I look down and my shirt is absolutely covered in snot.

I spent like 3 hours with her and there were more tears but no more snot because I am sure she leaked it all out on my shirt.

Wait There’s More

I was supposed to return the keys to my old condo that day and return a car I had. I took a motorbike taxi to the bar she lives at because the place I rented the car from is right across from where I live now.

Losing track of time and not hearing my phone ring from a pissed off landlord I am look at the time and go fuck me. I quick message apologizing and explaining why I missed the time he calmed down. Problem was I had to go back to Jomtien and get the keys. On top of that, I get a call from the rental company going you are late with the car. More explaining and being told it will be an additional charge off I went back to Jomtien.

Finally car returned and keys returned. I even managed to get my own bike picked up from where my Mom was staying. In all a fantastic fucking day!


I Just Need Some Pool Photos

I was asked to take some pool photos for a friend of a friend. I said no problem and this was setup for Friday. What should have been an in and out job turned into a fucking 5.5 hour marathon of shooting two houses, oh, and the pool which needed day and night shots. I am like fuck me. By the time I got home I was in no mood to write and I now had to edit a fuckload of photos to be turned over.

Top this off, today I have to go and do reshoots of some of the stuff. So more photos and more editing. I am less than excited by this prospect but being the professional that I am will go ahead and do the reshoots. Least today I know what I am in for.

Plans Are Shit

As you can see my plans turned to complete shit. Life has a way of fucking you. I really just wanted to chill out and get my new place setup and do my thing and be in and out. Instead I have pretty much spent my entire last few days dealing with shit. Sunday was the only day I finally got fuck all to do and I went out and had a few drinks with friends who live around here.

I haven’t broken in my new place yet – meaning I haven’t had a victim over but there was a solid chance last night, older girl but with a spectacular rack. She wasn’t shy about showing me the goods either. I broke my no lady drink rule. Too bad it was 3 AM and I was tired and knowing I had to do a shoot today ruined that.

So no more plans on my part. I’ll just operate under the assumption that the only plan is that there is no plan.