Shockingly this isn’t about my new mattress. However it was put to the test last night. Finally broken in if you will. No, this is being comfortable around a girl.

Comfortable Is Important

I love mongers that love to talk to me about the 3 day rule. You know, stay with a girl for 3 days and toss her ass after day 3 to avoid any emotional entanglements. Personally, it’s bullshit.

The thing I have come to understand is that if you are comfortable around the girl, she’s comfortable around you then just go with the flow. There are no rules to mongering. I take that back, there is one – don’t pay upfront. Other than that, do whatever the hell makes you happy.

If you find yourself having a good time with a girl and she is genuinely having a good one with you than just stick with it. Being comfortable is important.

Getting To Know Someone

The one with me currently I have known for ages. As in 10 years or longer, we both have forgotten the date at this point. Yes, there have been ups and downs and we both have made choices that we live with. However, due to the length of our relationship that is based more on friendship than sex is that we have gotten to know each other’s quirks and personalities.

I’m not saying on a 2 week holiday you are going to find your soulmate and life is perfect, but if you give it a chance sometimes it pays off to get to know someone. We as mongers just look for our next nut and then want to move on.

Every once in the while you meet one that gets under your skin. If that’s the case, spend the time and get to know them. Stop worrying about your next nut. You might be shocking at what you find. If you see warning signs and feel uncomfortable then move on. If you don’t just go with the flow and see what happens.

If You Aren’t Comfortable Doubtful That She Is

Here is the thing, if you aren’t comfortable being around her then odds are she won’t be either. That’s that thing we as mongers forget. We are so used to just paying and moving on that we forget that there is another human in front of us. So if you start acting like you rather be someplace else or your eye is constantly roving she’s not going to be super comfortable with you either.

It’s not about bravado or bullshit, it’s just called being yourself. Trust me, most working girls can spot your bullshit a kilometer away. They are master bullshiters themselves. So when you play the game and try to fake your way through it even while you are uncomfortable she will pick up on it. Just be yourself!

So Be Comfortable

I guess what I am saying is be yourself. Warts and all. If you can’t be authentic then why bother? Stop trying to bullshit a girl you are paying for sex to begin with. Trust me, she is going to pick up on it. Authenticy generally wins out over bullshit any day of the week.

So be comfortable with who you are and with who she is. You just might be rewarded for your efforts.