What .60 US cents gets you

Frequent commenter and reader Gunny Mac complained that my write-up on Mombasa was incomplete because I didn’t include prices for a session.  I’m exploring exotic destinations here at Monger Travels and I don’t want to exclude those “men of adventure” on a budget like Gunny Mac who is on a pension.  With that in mind I am going to give up the ultimate budget adventure travel/monger destination, Bangladesh.  The average cost of a session is .60 US cents.  Gentlemen, get your bags packed.

In my endeavors to have you avoid doing any research, I’m here to help you!  The estimated number of prostitutes working in Bangladesh according to the BBC is around 200,000.  I think that’s more than enough to please many of you guys so there won’t be an issue with a small selection.  Prostitution is legal in Bangladesh and the working girls can now legally list their profession on their voting card which is pretty damn progressive all things considered in that part of the world.  One of the issues that does go on just so you guys are on the look out for it, the girls start working as early as the age of 12 (according to the Asia Child Rights).  If you specifically go there for that shit you are a sick fuck.

The description of the facilities and areas to find the ladies is what one describes as a market area.  The brothels are often located in slums.  Using the BBC again as the ultimate source here is a quote from an article

The difference here is that once I had turned down a certain side street I had entered the biggest brothel in Bangladesh. I was expecting to see one big building, but in fact it was more like a vast covered market with criss-crossing alleyways lined with fruit stalls, tailors and TV repairers.

Here is another description with some location info as well.  You can tell that the session areas are pretty rustic but for .60 US cents you can’t argue about it.

It is a densely packed collection of tin shacks, alleyways and open sewers. It has perfectly normal looking shops selling things like soap, biscuits and light bulbs. It has a hair salon, tea stalls and a Muslim shrine. There are young children playing in every corner.

But the brothel, which is only a five minute walk from the town centre, is policed by men carrying heavy wooden staves. Its sewers have been blocked by used condoms, and at two in the afternoon it is crowded with customers taking an extended lunch break.

Doing some more research it appears that Dhaka is the place to hit if you are interested in the P4P (pay for play) activities in the country.  Do yourself a quick Google search or head over to the International Sex Guide and do a quick bit of looking around.  The forum remains active (shockingly) with local prices being listed.  It seems there is a white man tax so the .60 US Cents may be out of our reach but a $5.00 lay could be in the cards it appears.  Still not a bad price for a man like Gunny Mac living on his military pension.  Sadly I could not find specific hotel information for those of you on the budget minded trip (I was too lazy to be honest).  I’m sure some digging around will find something out.

So there you go, Bangladesh for the “man of adventure” that crazes the exotic and is on a severely restricted budget.  Don’t take my word, read up on what I have provided and head out to the great unknown.


PS – In seriousness now I’m going to link to some pictures that are both done respectfully and show the down side of the hobby.  It also points back to what I said about human trafficking and underage girls being used mostly by locals.