So I was in Ban Chang yesterday. It wasn’t the same orgy fest as last time but still a good time was had by all. So a report is due.

I Don’t Bang Hookers

One of the things that was interesting was a guy who went with us saying he doesn’t bang hookers. I was brought in to be a degenerate and help get things moving. Friend was bringing three newbies and wanted some help.

So me and the guy that live here were enjoying ourselves getting blowjobs and playing with tits at the bar. Finally, one the newbies gets a bj and blows a load in the mouth of the girl. He was done in seconds. My dick be desensitized to it all was like whatever.

Another newbie disappears and comes back with a grin on his face as well.

Mr. I Don’t Bang Hookers gets a girl rubbing on him. Next thing we know he’s doing her on the pool table in front of everyone. He was hard at it for a good 30 minutes before he finished. Girl fucked him in every way possible and even did took it up her ass.

So from not banging hookers to full on public display of fucking was cheered wildly by all.

Time To Pay

We had a bit of drama when it came time to pay for the bar we were in. Mama tried to do a pool table “usage” fee.

I backed Mama down in Thai asking her why suddenly was there a 200 Baht fee when I know for a fact others have fucked on the table and never been charged. She smelt newbie on him and figured she would try and upcharge his ass. What she didn’t count on was him asking why and me being there to back her down.

She relented and took the charge off.

It was also discovered that another girl was upcharging on drinks ordering expensive ass shit. Normally lady drinks in Ban Chang are 100 Baht. This bitch was ordering 190 Baht drinks and pocketing the difference.

In full disclosure this was all brought up to the host who took us. It was addressed and rightly so. He has spoken to Mama and said you do not do that to my groups and if you do we won’t patronize your bar anymore. I don’t bring people there to be ripped off. So apologies were made and life goes on. How things work over here.

Then The New Girl

We left that bar and decided to just try a random bar. My friend was getting blown by a girl and then suddenly we had all the girls dancing on the bar. I rang the bell and they got naked. The girl that was blowing my friend was looking really good so I was like fancy as fuck?

She was like yes. So off to the room we go. We get upstairs and we go at it. She’s sucking my dick and I’m eating her out in a 69. She was wet as hell. We finish that and she just jumps on and starts riding me for all I’m worth. Girl clearly hadn’t been banged in a while.

We are going at it and I finally bust a nut in her and she came already. In all a magnificent session.

I come downstairs to a round of cheers. Turns out I was the first farang the girl had ever done.

So congrats to the new girl! I broke her farang cherry.

Ban Chang Is Always Good

I can’t recommend going to Ban Chang enough. If you are here in Pattaya and going to be on a Tuesday, contact me before hand and I’ll sort you out where to go to arrange the trip. They are every Tuesday and always worth a visit.