I took a little side trip to Ban Chang yesterday which was arranged by a bar and gotta tell you it was well worth the trip. Met some good dudes and had some perverted fun.

Getting There

I won’t name the bar’s name on here because I don’t want to cause problems with descriptions. If you are familiar with Pattaya Addicts then you can easily find a way to get there if you don’t mind taking a minibus with a bunch of mongers.

If you are the antisocial type then just take a taxi and tell them you want Soi Tesabahn with all the bars and it will be sorted for you.

We left a little after 2 due to a vehicle problem so arrived a little later but it’s about a 45-60 minute trip depending on traffic.

Bar Talk

There are a ton of bars along Soi Tesabahn and you can see the lineup in front of you as you walk by. They will entice you in by walking out and generally grabbing your cock or blatantly offering sexual services.

You can see the talent available and you make a choice of going in or not. Please don’t think these are stunners. There are some attractive ladies who don’t want to deal with Pattaya but most are there for their attitudes of having fun. Not for good looks.

Remember, you are there for perverted fun and Ban Chang is there for that. Not a beauty contest.

Let The Filth Begin

Without mentioning bar names we entered in one bar and it was getting slow. I got stuck with a fugly I could not shake while the others got some decent lookers. The cashier was an absolute stunner who I was drooling over but our host said she never went with customers.

One of the guys who I know since he lives here suddenly had the cashier on his side of the bar and things started to get heated and they finally fucked off to some place to do whatever.

I was finally able to shake the fugly and was single and thinking about bailing when the bell was rung. This is where things get filthy.

Next thing I know we got naked girls dancing on the bar. We are all getting are licks and fondles in. We had girls dancing on the small stage with a guy doing a horrible pole dancing experience but his first trip to Thailand and the girls found it funny and they were naked.

I caught the attention of this giant titted temptress who was embarrassed by her tits. There were at least 4 girls naked on the bar and a couple off to the side of the bar. I was zeroed in on giant tits because honestly, they were fucking giant.

The bell kept being run and the girls kept dancing and getting progressively drunker. Our host wanted to fuck his so he took her and banged her on the pool table in the back of the bar. This left me with a hardon and no place to fuck since the short time room was occupied.

Can Not

I wanted to fuck the big titted girl so I was like pull off your shorts and I’ll do you at the bar. She was too shy but mamasan was like fuck that. He wants to fuck so we are figuring something out. Some words were exchanged and I wasn’t paying attention. Got told she on period but can do blowjob.

So move to the corner of the bar and she starts to blow me. Doing a great blowjob but it’s hard to concentrate when you got guys playing with tities and asking for music to be played. So I started to jerk off and I’m like load is going on your tits.

I tried with everything I had to bust a nut but there was just too much distraction going on. So I gave up and she gave me a final suck and I played with the titties a bit more and got her Line info. I suspect she’s going to be in a taxi to Pattaya soon. Don’t know why….

Ban Chang

Eventually things wrapped up and we were in the minivan heading back to Pattaya. We were back a little after 9 due to a piss stop.

If you come to Pattaya for a visit you do yourself a disservice if you don’t take a side trip to Ban Chang. You aren’t going to miss Pattaya and will be perfectly fine to be perverted when you return. So head out and have a magnificent time.